Financial Times published a profile on Karina Milei

Financial Times published a profile on Karina Milei
Financial Times published a profile on Karina Milei

The English newspaper Financial Times published an extensive article on the figure of Karina Mileiwho they called “the guardian of the agenda” that promotes Javier Milei.

“The sister of Javier Milei “he fights his political battle in Argentina,” says the title of the publication, which develops the profile of the president’s right hand, highlighting that the nickname “the boss” continues to carry him well after almost five months of government.

“It is not only the keeper of her brother’s agenda and the most trusted of a small group of advisors. “She is also her political general, she takes the reins of her party and elects personnel for high positions in the government and the legislature,” the text states.

The note reviews some of her former jobs as a baker and tarot card reader, as well as her beginnings in politics in 2021 when her brother, who worked as a television commentator and private sector economist, launched his candidacy. for national deputy. “She managed her successful campaign,” the outlet emphasized.

Then, they cited texts from an interview that the now official conducted last year where she “defended the inexperienced and united team of libertarians.”

“I know a lot of professionals in a lot of different areas, but do you know what’s more important? “Our group does this for its ideals, more than anything else,” he said, adding: “When the people you surround yourself with are good people, everything flows better.”

Likewise, the English newspaper takes note of its influence on the creation of the official space and exemplifies the episode in the Impeachment Commission that “triggered a division in the Lower House bloc of the La Libertad Avanza movement.”

Regarding her personality, they took the description that Victoria Villarruel made in March of this year, when in an interview she said that “her strong character Karina Milei At times it turned the president into the ‘poor little ham in the middle’ in the disputes between the two women.”

Thus, Financial Times He defined her as “her single brother’s closest confidant since his childhood in a middle-class family in the capital.”

“Those who know Karina Milei They described her as ‘super calm’ and ‘someone who doesn’t try to charm you’. But she doesn’t seem shy,” the outlet stressed.

Among other curious mentions about the current presidential secretary (her time on a television program where she brought her dog, her degree in public relations from the UADE), the English newspaper highlighted that the official is “shaping both her long-term strategy as well as their daily logistics” in reference to the figure of Javier Milei.

“As the president focuses on addressing Argentina’s dire economic crisis and communicating with voters on social media platform Karina Milei leads an effort to build a national party structure for the LLA,” the newspaper concluded.

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