The Tucumán company that promotes circular packaging raised US$150,000

The Tucumán company that promotes circular packaging raised US$150,000
The Tucumán company that promotes circular packaging raised US$150,000

Circclo was born as an ambitious proposal of young people under 25 years of age committed to caring for the environment. This month, the partners announced that they secured an investment for the first time that will allow them to expand the business.

The creators of Circclo are celebrating. For the first time, they managed to get external investors to trust their venture born in Tucumán and contribute US$150,000 (approximately $150 million), which brings the valuation of the venture to US$1.5 million ($1.5 billion). “It is a very strong milestone, which makes us happy. With the capital raised we will be able to implement the technological developments that we were looking for. We believe that technology can address global problems and financing allows us to expand the product. We know that the problem of plastic packaging is something that will take time, but this helps, accompanies the project and validates our vision,” he explains. Bautista Garzonone of the co-founders.

Santiago Casanova, Francisco Palou and Garzón were barely 20 years old when in 2019 they got together to start Circclo with the aim of generating a change in consumer behavior in Tucumán society. To that end, they devised a business based on reusable and intelligent packaging, which is profitable for users and producers. Its goal was to facilitate access and participation in what is known as the circular economy. What does this mean? A model that benefits both companies and clients, that relies on technology to improve performance and reduce waste generation.

By 2022, when LA GACETA told its story, Circclo aimed to serve 1,000 families in Yerba Buena. In 2023 they took a leap and presented a reusable cup for the Di Tella University (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires). “With our technology and ‘reusable cups’ model at the Di Tella café, university students access benefits for each refill. Together we can measure the impact generated both on a personal level and at the university,” Circclo reported when presenting the mug for the campus.

Until last year, all the growth of this venture had happened with the partners’ own funds and reinvestment of profits. In that first phase, they had managed to develop a specific computer program. According to Garzón, in that process they realized that they had an application on their hands that could be used by large and multinational companies. But, to scale the project, they needed to inject resources: this is what they will do with the US$150,000 they obtained. Garzón said: “with this round we seek to become the ‘partner’ of sustainability and technology so that mass consumption companies (that make packaged goods or CPG) can transform their value chains from linear to circular.”

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