Citizen with a traumatic weapon prevented the theft of $50 million in Cabecera

Citizen with a traumatic weapon prevented the theft of $50 million in Cabecera
Citizen with a traumatic weapon prevented the theft of $50 million in Cabecera

The Police confirmed to Vanguardia that a citizen used a traumatic weapon to prevent the robbery of a courier in the Cabecera del Llano sector in Bucaramanga.

Photo: supplied / VANGUARDIA.

The moments of panic experienced by citizens traveling along Carrera 35 and Calle 52, on the afternoon of this Tuesday, April 30, occurred in the midst of an attempted robbery in the Cabecera del Llano sector.

A member of the Cabecera Security Front told Vanguardia what happened that, despite the shots, no people were injured nor was the robbery committed.

According to the informant, a merchant had withdrawn money from a bank and was heading down Carrera 35 and Calle 52. According to the Police, $50 million was withdrawn in the Cacique sector and the destination was a company in Cabecera.

“Some ‘motor thieves’ were following the courier, only a citizen realized what happened and stopped him from being robbed,” said the member of the Security Front.

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When the criminals attacked him with the intention of taking the bag where he was carrying the money, the citizen took out his traumatic pistol, took refuge with the courier in a store and fired several shots into the air, it is believed that there were four.

This, in addition to generating panic among passers-by, served to make the criminals give up their intentions to take the money.

“The thieves gave up the robbery and accelerated the motorcycle, a black motorcycle, out of fear it is not known if the criminals also fired, but there were no injuries. The situation of insecurity in our sector is very worrying. We need more searches and controls in Cabecera,” said the informant.

For its part, the Bucaramanga Metropolitan Police confirmed the fact, stating that an attempted robbery occurred, but the uniformed officers are in the process of collecting evidence and testimonies.

“He was approached by two men on a black motorcycle. They try to seize the bag and a third person, observing, reacts with a traumatic weapon and prevents the incident. There are no injuries, there is no victim of theft,” the Police said.

What the Police did remind users of financial institutions is that before withdrawing considerable sums of money they can request the institution’s escort service through line 123.

“Banks tell users that they do need the service, when they are large amounts of money. People trust without knowing that criminals are watching them, that is why we insist on our service, which is free,” said the Mebuc Police.

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