JetSmart plans to strengthen connectivity with Mendoza

Together with the president of Emetur, Gabriela Testa, and the vice president, Cynthia Maggioni, the Governor Alfredo Cornejo received the executive director of the Chilean airline JetSmartEstuardo Ortiz, to discuss and analyze the company’s growth plans in Mendoza and the region and carry out actions that link the province with the world.

During the meeting, the businessman said that growth in the demand for flights is expected. According to Ortiz, this year the devaluation was higher than what the company expected, but Demand has remained “strong and always high”so I considered that “it will be a good second semester, since the investment will be seen from July or August.”

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The CEO of JetSmart expressed interest in the document recently signed between Chile and Argentina to advance measures that enhance the airline sector and international connectivity.

A few days ago, the Secretary of Transportation of the Nation, Franco Mogetta, together with the Foreign Minister Diana Mondino and the Argentine ambassador to Chile, Jorge Faurie, met at the San Martín Palace with the main Chilean transportation authorities, with whom the agreement was signed. a memorandum of understanding to enhance connectivity.

In this regard, Gabriela Testa commented that “JetSmart has 37 ships, distributed in Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Chile“, and the CEO of the company expressed that, within Argentina, we have been a priority destination since 2018, when it began operating in the province.”

Ortiz specified that “Mendoza is always at the center of our attention, both on our domestic flights within Argentina and now also on international flights.” What’s more, he emphasized the “enormous” tourism potential, the wonderful people, the place, the landscapes, the gastronomy that this province has,” which is why he maintained that “we are always very attentive to being able to develop new projects.”

He also recalled that, recently, JetSmart launched routes to Curitiba and Puerto Alegre, Brazil, which are opening the way to more connections from Mendoza to those destinations. To this he added: “We hope that this will contribute to more tourism coming from Brazil.”

Regarding the modification of the Aeronautical Code, the businessman explained that it would benefit the sector by aligning it with international standards. “It is basically being able to bring Argentine aeronautical regulation to match what already exists in other countries in South America,” said Ortiz, and maintained: “So, I think that again brings good opportunities, and we hope that this process continues positively.” “.

On the other hand, during the meeting the remodeling of Mendoza’s airports was also analyzed, in order to promote the arrival of more flights and thus strengthen the sector.



It is a Chilean low-cost airline that operates in South America. It was founded in 2017 by the American fund Indigo Partners. Currently, it has subsidiaries in Chile, Argentina, Peru and Colombia.

JetSmart received authorization to operate in June 2017, beginning in Chile. To its current fleet, during 2026, incorporate the A321XLR. Its main base of operations is located at the Arturo Merino Bentez International Airport, in the city of Santiago, Chile.

It began operations in July 2017, flying only domestic routes. It began its expansion to the South American market in December 2017, operating the Santiago-Lima, Peru route.

At the moment, With JetSmart you can travel from Mendoza to Buenos Aires, Salta, Iguaz, Neuqun and Bariloche, in Argentina and to Chile, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay.


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