Cristina Kirchner shared a criticism against Javier Milei that defines him as “the Zaffaroni of Criminal Tax Law”

Cristina Kirchner shared a criticism against Javier Milei that defines him as “the Zaffaroni of Criminal Tax Law”
Cristina Kirchner shared a criticism against Javier Milei that defines him as “the Zaffaroni of Criminal Tax Law”

The day after the half sanction to the project Base Law and the fiscal package, Cristina Kirchner highlighted the speech of a deputy from Unión por la Patria in the Lower House to charshly criticize President Javier Milei and his reforms.

This is the intervention of Vanesa Sileywho during the marathon session analyzed the results of the labor reform, as one of “the political theories applied during 40 years of democracy” and that – according to the former president – they failed.

“His characterization that the real problem is the undeclared economy, a success, and his sense of humor, saying that Milei is the Zaffaroni of Criminal Tax Lawa witty metaphor that will surely not offend the prominent criminal scholar, who also has a great sense of humor,” the former vice president wrote in X.

In her presentation in the Lower House, legislator Siley pointed out those who commit crimes of evasion, who have “guarantees” from the State and who have their sentences lifted.

“If we have a President of the Nation who makes a National Network at 1 am from Ushuaia, with General Richardson of the United States Southern Command to offer the sale of our country and with all of us who are inside. We are more patriotic than ever , to defend our bicontinental Argentina, which is why they want to come and is what they are offering to the great empires of the world,” concluded the UxP deputy in her speech at the venue.

In this way, the former president took the opportunity to criticize the national government’s reform package.

The former president had already questioned the ruling party’s project, specifically the chapter on energy, which she noted was included to “justify the high tariff.”

He did so hours after Congress began to discuss the new version of the omnibus law. Cristina chose a chapter: the one dedicated to energy and the formation of electricity rate prices, a point to which she dedicated many minutes in her speech on Saturday in Quilmes.

She also did so with a message published on her

To address the energy topic once again, Cristina used the imminent beginning of the debate on the new Omnibus Law project, where the suspension of public works is ratified.

“Tomorrow the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation will discuss the self-named ‘Bases Law’, whose Title III on ‘contracts and transactional agreements’ authorizes the Executive Branch, ‘for emergency reasons’, to rescind or modify the public works contracts that have been concluded prior to December 10, 2023,” he introduced in his post this Sunday.

After its approval in the Deputies, the initiative must now be discussed in the Senate of the Nation, where La Libertad Avanza has only 7 senators and the support of the PRO bench.

There, the negotiating role of Vice President Victoria Villaruel will be seen, to achieve the necessary consensus to be able to turn the dorsal project into law for the Milei government.

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