Caszely, from the connection to Pinochet to the failed signing with América

Caszely, from the connection to Pinochet to the failed signing with América
Caszely, from the connection to Pinochet to the failed signing with América

He is in the group of rebels, one of those who played for the people and one of those who always led the way both on the field and off it. She was never afraid of anything. He dribbled his rivals with ease, which is why they called him the King of the Square Meter. One day, Carlos Caszely also hooked up with Augusto Pinochet, Chilean dictator between 1973 and 1990. He did it because they had mistreated his mother.

This is one of the unforgettable chapters in the history of football. In the run-up to the 1974 World Cup, the Chilean dictator summoned those called up for the Chilean National Team to say goodbye to them. Carlos Caszely decided to close his eyes and not greet him. Pinochet immediately declared him an enemy, but he could never do anything to him because his recognition protected him.

In a talk from Santiago de Chile with Diario AS Colombia, he spoke about the importance of that moment and why it continues to be remembered by everyone as a historical event. “They constantly remember that story, because there are very few athletes and soccer players who talk about politics and even more so against the dictatorship. In a film we made with Eric Cantona in 2010, we toured Europe, we were in Colombia in Cartagena doing the launch, not all countries accepted that Sócrates was from Brazil and I was from Cantona from France and Drogba from the Ivory Coast we could speak against dictatorships and the wars of the world. I have always believed that dictatorships and wars lose everything, especially the youngest, the little ones of 20 or 21 years old who are doing military service have no idea why they fight, while the Generals are drinking Whiskey and listening to classical music. with his friends,” he highlighted.

Caszely is an idol in Colo Colo, he has a statue with his famous celebration. Left arm always up. The former Chilean player also spoke about Colombia and the time he was close to signing for América de Cali, However, something similar to Arturo Vidal happened and it could not happen. The historical also referred to the lack of dribbling in South America in recent times, the importance of the rebels and the political participation of athletes.

Carlos Caszely, statue at the Colo Colo stadiumAS Participation Newspaper

Remembered by the world for his rebellion

What does it mean that he is still remembered by the world as one of football’s rebels?: “In my 20 years of career I was an eternal scorer, as they tell me here in Chile, I managed to score goals in the teams here like in Colo Colo and in the Chilean National Team, in Levante, in the Cosmo of New York and a final race in Barcelona, ​​Ecuador, I think that gives me the possibility that despite many years of retirement, everyone will still remember the Chilean Bigotón.”

Rebellion in football: “I think that being a rebel in football is being a rebel in life. I was rebellious passing to the defenders, goalkeepers, but first you are a person, you are a human being. We live in society and we want society to be different and better.”

Nostalgia for the lack of dribbling and the absence of the town’s players

Nostalgia for the dribble: “Unfortunately it is being lost because previously in each town we had 3 or 4 soccer fields, foosball fields or dirt fields, but today everything is full of constructions and buildings that are taking away the freedom of the child to be able to learn against the tree. or the big stone. Not only South America is going to lose this dribbling, but also Europe, why did they have so many South American players? and this is because the South American player is much livelier and more intelligent when playing soccer.

I remember several years ago, in one of the conversations I had with Eduardo Galeano, the great Uruguayan writer, he said that he went around the world asking for a little play that could make the public applaud and this has not been seen because football has changed a lot. . Beyond the football condition, it is also the physical part and that has been diminishing a little because when you see the children in the football schools, the parents are next to them telling them: ‘Let her go, let her go’ and they don’t give her the chance to the creation”.

Should athletes participate in politics?

Political participation of athletes: “Everyone has the option, when there is a democracy everyone has the option to be able to speak and define, we cannot forget that when one speaks politically, many people, especially those who have a very small mentality, tell you: ‘Hey, you can’t get involved.’ in politics’ and I always told them: ‘Why not? if we are human beings’. Normally the soccer player is from the middle class or lower middle class, who does not even dedicate themselves to studying, I have three university degrees and that gives me the opportunity to talk about physical education, journalism and administration. “The majority of soccer players forget where they come from and forget that they come from a town where a friend who couldn’t study has to be going through the greatest hardships to be able to survive in the world.”

Signing to América and the Copa América

In ’79 they came to look for me from América de Cali.”

Carlos Caszely

America’s failed signing: “I have very good memories of Colombia, one of the few times that Chile beat Colombia in El Campín I scored both goals. I remember Willington Ortiz when we played the Qualifiers. In ’79 they came to look for me from América de Cali, we were very close to traveling, I would have loved it, but in the end the conditions that one requested to be able to play for that team were not met.”

How do you see the Copa América?: “I watch a lot of football, all South American football. In the Copa América when they make the groups, the Argentines are still upset with us because we won them two Copa América on penalties and that’s why they threw them into the group with us so that Argentina can’t win this time because Chile is just taking a position within from the field with Gareca.”

Colombia, one of the Copa América favorites: “Colombia has a chance to get quite high because neither Argentina nor Brazil are in a good moment, when the first round is passed, anything happens, a kick, a red card, the VAR, something that I don’t like because the entire football sense is lost. “It can complicate things for any team other than Brazil or Argentina.”

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