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From early in the morning, despite the light rain, thousands of Guantanamo workers and their families paraded this May Day with the motto #ForCubaTogetherWeCreate through the main squares of the Guantanamo province on a day that transmits to the world the message of unity and full support of the people for their Revolution, the Party, their historical leaders and in continuity. The collective of Guantanamo Radio offers details of the coverage organized on the occasion of the International Workers’ Day.

Guantanameros marching for World Proletariat Day

With color, enthusiasm, massiveness and multiple initiatives, the parade took place through the First of May in the Guantanamo province to reaffirm the commitment to efficiency and greater productivity, in favor of the revitalization of the economy and greater well-being of society.

In the eastern territory, more than 120 thousand people from Guantanamo marched in the 10 municipalities and in the central parade until the Mariana Grajales Revolution Square of the capital city in the territory with the participation of some 80 thousand workers along with their families.

With the presence of the Minister of Culture Alpidio Alonso, Julio César García Rodríguez, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and the highest authorities of the province, a representation of combatants of the Revolution and mass and political organizations was on the platform, Labor Heroes of the Republic and outstanding workers.

During her central speech at the event, Juana Eglis Fernández Lowit, General Secretary of the Cuban Workers’ Confederation, recognized the results in health, science, culture, sports and agriculture, thanks to the active and conscious participation of the labor movement.

Likewise, he demanded the cessation of the Zionist aggression against Palestine and the US blockade against Cuba, as well as the return of the territory illegally occupied in Guantánamo by the naval base for more than 100 years.

With different initiatives and the joy of the labor movement, the people of Guantanamo paraded in the Plaza Mariana Grajales in the city of Guaso and in the 10 municipalities of this eastern province that celebrates the International Day of the Proletariat.

Agricultural and forestry workers from Guantánamo parade on this May Day

Agricultural and forestry workers parade through the First of May in a compact and enthusiastic block to reaffirm the commitment to greater efficiency and greater productivity, in favor of the revitalization of the economy and greater well-being of society.

The different agricultural companies that represent the more than 10,000 workers of this union parade in the victory block as a sign of the alliance of the peasants with the working class that characterizes the Cuban people.

Despite the lack of supplies, fuel, parts and pieces for transportation, among other difficulties for the operation of the companies, the personnel in this sector manage to comply with 17 production programs with the advanced farmers.

This result is materialized with the holding of agricultural product fairs in all municipalities, based on higher yields, with the cold campaign being the largest in the last 10 years with the planting of 21 thousand hectares of various crops.

This year, a garden of grain varieties was also achieved in the Mountain Agroforestry Company of the municipality of El Salvador that will allow the commercialization of peas, chickpeas and various types of beans.

Likewise, the operation of the Plant Biotechnology Laboratory at the University of Guantánamo stands out to produce vitroplants with the embryo genesis method, to obtain banana, pineapple and potato in the territory, a step forward with the help of science.

These are results and actions that motivate Guantanamo agroforestry workers to celebrate May Day.

Communications workers in Guantánamo celebrate May Day (+Podcasting)

Guantanamo – With efforts to achieve satisfactory economic income and higher quality services, Communications, IT and Electronics workers in the Guantanamo province arrive at the celebration International Day of the Proletariata date that motivates greater efficiency and commitment in your work.

Despite the complex economic panorama of the country, the groups of the ETECSA and Radiocuba divisions, the Correos Company, the Young Computer and Electronics Club and the Control and Supervision Agency, respond to the current imperatives of the sector and are committed to transformation digital in the country.

The journalist Yaqueline de la Rosa Hermida has the details about the event in the following report.

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