Pullaro questioned the inheritance and set priorities: security, education, production and public works

Maximiliano Pullaro gave his first speech as governor in front of the Legislative Assembly to inaugurate the 142nd period of ordinary sessions in the Legislature, this Wednesday in the city of Santa Fe, five months after taking office. The mandatary questioned the inheritance received of the previous administration of Omar Perotti, referred to the delicate macroeconomic situation in Argentina that has an impact on the province and made it clear that his priorities are security, education, production and public worksdifferentiating itself in this last aspect from the national government.

Pullaro’s message began at 11:45 and spread for almost an hour. At the outset, the head of the Gray House warned that “the numbers” of the provincial administration are determining factors that you cannot “ignore” or “hide under the rug.”

“The year 2023 ended with a strong macroeconomic contraction “which implied an interannual drop of 1.6% in GDP, which still has not reached the level of 2017,” he expressed and added that this situation worsened in 2024 with “inflation rates in the last six months that have not been recorded for three decades, where family economies suffer a notable deterioration, with an exponential increase in poverty and indigence.”

In the same sense, he described that he assumed management with “a damaged productive system and with a Provincial State in deficit”.

“In the 2023 fiscal year, the Provincial Administration ended with a deficit of $131,111 million, the floating debt reached a third of a billion pesos while the staff registered 10,460 positions and 86,790 teaching hours more than 4 years ago,” he summarized. the end of the mandate of Omar Perotti, his predecessor.

He also weighed the increase in the public sector plant as a condition of resource administration: “It explains 71% of the deficit for the year 2023, and also has consequences that go beyond the contingencies of the year: a drought has effects that later cease, but the significant increase in the number of personnel leaves effects long-term that have multiple impacts.”

He highlighted that it was achieveda reduction of around 40% in real terms in operating expenses during the first quarter” through the reduction of ministries, the prevention of any official, including the governor, from staying in hotels that exceed three stars, the reduction of the use of official cars, the elimination of the fleet of telephone equipment for officials, and strict control of fuel consumption.

In any case, the governor pointed out that “the worsening of the macroeconomic situation that affects resources” will make “very complex to continue compensating for the deficit from the previous year.”

Public security

Pullaro stressed that one of his priorities is the fight against insecurity, organized crime and drug trafficking, scourges that have plagued the province and with special force Rosario for years.

He expressed that to “recover peace” is an essential requirement “recover control within prisons and increase police operations in quantity and capacity”. In that phrase he synthesized his vision and the actions linked to one of the main demands of Rosario and Santa Fe residents.

In this framework, in the penitentiary area, he listed that “the number of searches intensified, we made controls on admissions and visits more efficient and we limited – with increasing intensity – the ability of these criminals to order the crime from prisons.” ”.

Regarding the reaction on the part of the drug traffickers and hitmen after the tightening of controls, he warned that “they are fighting to recover advantages and privileges that the State as a whole cannot or does not want to grant them. That is why they appeal to terror so that a frightened society surrenders and urges the rulers to back down.”

“Let it be very clear to everyone: There is no possible pact with criminals. Santa Fe is not going to take a step back”, he emphasized. In that section of the speech, he made space to once again send condolences to the families of the victims of narcoterrorism and pledged that “this government will not leave them alone.” And he thanked the political support received by the entire political and institutional arc of the province and the country for the threats received.

Pullaro announced that a work has already been put out to tender for add 160 cells with capacity for 320 inmates in Unit 5 of Rosario and in the La Capital department they will add space for 880 people. “In the Unit of Piñero, we will build cells for 2,432 prisonersamong them the 1,152 high-profile ones who are already housed there,” he anticipated.

He also has a project to add “2,459 cells, for 3,632 inmates, with an investment of 227 million dollars”, he listed, and added that “technology with scanner systems, detectors and video surveillance and personnel” will be added to this. He also recalled that the incorporation of 373 agents to the penitentiary service.

Regarding the number of patrol cars on the streets, He assured that “in Rosario we went from 20 cell phones to an average of 140 and in the city of Santa Fe from 9 to 70.”. Furthermore, within the framework of the Security Emergency Law, “we have already acquired 100 mobile phones” and this Thursday “the bid envelopes for the purchase of 700 patrol cars will be opened, and the acquisition of 500 motorcycles, weapons and vests is underway.” .

He also mentioned the battery of laws against crime promoted by the Executive and that the Legislature approved, such as the adherence to the Microtrafficking Law, which allows the provincial Justice to pursue drug dealing, which enables the demolition of bunkers.


Pullaro pointed out that he wants “open schools, teachers teaching and children learning” to refer to the educational system of Santa Fe and in the midst of strong tensions with teaching unions since the beginning of his mandate over salaries, among other issues demanded by the workers.

Although he thanked the teachers for their work and stated that They make “important efforts to improve teacher salaries month by month”the governor was blunt regarding absenteeism and defined that “No system can be efficient with 32.7% absenteeism from work and when you have to allocate a third of the resources for salaries to pay for replacements.”

For this reason, he justified the increase in controls and incentives that allowed him to increase “the number of audits, both medical and administrative, and of medical boards, and a system was established to detect recurring licenses and professionals who issue a greater number of certificates.”

He promised that the province will build 250 classrooms with technological equipment for each year of administration and that today works are being carried out in 511 school buildings of the 1,600 planned for 2024.

Production and public works

Pullaro, in terms of production, recalled actions implemented and also the proposals taken to the Nation. “We point out the mistake of wanting to increase revenue by imposing more taxes on the countryside and industry or completely deregulating markets such as biofuel,” he said.

“We are going to invest 5,000 million pesos in 26 rural electrification works,” he stated and then evaluate the launch of Santa Fe Global, “to provide technical assistance to more than 100 companies in the internationalization of their businesses.”

Pullaro differed from the national adjustment and “the stigmatization” of public works from President Javier Mieli: “Provincial public investment can be made when there is vision, determination and transparency,” he said and referred to the seven fronts underway to repair provincial routes.

“We work in 27 new route projects, paving and bridges to be put out to tender this year throughout the entire territory,” he said. “We have already made 8 calls for bids for architectural works, and another 62 projects are in development,” he noted.

The opening of ordinary sessions took place one day after the marathon session in Congress in which the national government achieved the half-sanction of the Base Lawa project that Pullaro and the deputies of his space accompanied.

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