Milei suspended his presence at the Book Fair: “there is hostility against me,” he argued

Wednesday 1.5.2024


President Javier Milei declared that he had given up attending the Book Fair, where he planned to present “Capitalism, Socialism and the Neoclassical Trap” on May 12.

Milei assured that he feels that there is “a level of hostility against me”, which is why he said that those around him advised him not to appear at La Rural, a stage parallel to the cultural event in which he planned to perform his act.

Javier Milei upon arriving this Tuesday, May 1, at the radio studios for an interview. Photo: Tomás Cuesta / La Nación

“Our people make us suspect that there is an attempt to sabotage the presentation and do it in a Kirchnerist style, in a violent way, not something typical of culture,” he noted in a radio interview on El Observador with journalists Luis Majul and Esteban Trebucq.

The presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, had confirmed Milei’s presence at the Fair. Furthermore, he had explained that presidential security depends on Casa Militar and not on the organizers of the editorial meeting.

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However, this Wednesday Milei announced that he ruled out that possibility and targeted the organizers because they had a “very violent opening” during the beginning of the fair, where there was strong criticism of the president from the head of the El Libro Foundation, Alejandro Vaccaro.

Vaccaro had noted at the opening of the event that “Milei despises culture.” To which Milei counterattacked this Wednesday by pointing out: “They threaten that if we go they will do things to us, inducing a type of behavior that is not typical of the culture.”

Base Law and May Pact

The president also referred to the half-sanction that the Bases law received in the Chamber of Deputies. He stated that he does not live “in the fallacy of Nirvana”, and although he highlighted that the Government made progress towards the objective, he admitted that the project does not reflect “all the steps” that management expected to take.

“If we take everything, it is five times the Menem reform. “We will do what was not included in another stage,” he admitted about the points that should have been left out of the project, and pointed out: “I will add them on December 11, 2025.”

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Likewise, he highlighted the work of the PRO block head, Cristian Ritondo, and the deputy of the same space Silvia Lospenato since he considers that they behaved “in an almost Spartan manner” in defense of the Government’s objectives.

On the way to the May Pact, scheduled for the 25th of this month in the province of Córdoba, the head of state anticipated that governors who do not support the Bases law in the Senate will not be invited to the event. Likewise, he announced that he will present an “anti-caste package” that he will send to Congress

The progress of the economy

The libertarian leader also stressed again that “salaries are outpacing inflation that is declining.”

In that sense, he added that “the disinflation process is noticeable” and assured that this trend is expressed in “the online CPI, which is already around 5% and continues to decline.”

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“The economy is on its way out: inflation is falling and activity is rebuilding,” he remarked. And he noted that “many estimate that the bottom was found between March and April.”

On the other hand, he maintained: “The other thing that is also very important is that the day we dismantle the stocks, it will be an additional boom.”

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Regarding the latter, he ventured to be able to remove the restrictions on the dollar “at some point during the year”, although he avoided giving further details.

Likewise, he said that “by cleaning up the Central Bank’s balance sheet, we not only stop issuance today, but we kill inflation in the future.”

“We had a deficit of 10 points and we have already brought it to three, there is already an adjustment of seven points, it is not a joke,” he commented, while indicating that his management “overreacted” to the Treasury readjustment.

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