The CGT ratified the strike: “We were bad and now we are worse”

The CGT ratified the strike: “We were bad and now we are worse”
The CGT ratified the strike: “We were bad and now we are worse”

The CGT led a march in downtown Buenos Aires for Labor Day and ratified the strike on May 9 by stating that Argentina “It was bad and now it’s worse”.

We have an agenda of very clear demands, which have to do with the social situation, with the decisions that were taken throughout these months of government, decisions that had to do with a brutal adjustment on the most vulnerable sectors.s”, stressed the co-secretary general of the labor union Héctor Daer.

At a press conference, the Health leader clarified that the CGT did not negotiate “no project, no opinion, no half sanction“of labor reform with the Casa Rosada.

We are going to continue forward with the fight plan that we have been developing. At no time was the May 9 strike in doubt“he added.

We are not going to give up even one iota of all the rights that we have achieved throughout history.a”, highlighted the former national deputy.

For his part, Pablo Moyano stated that he will not meet “withwith no governor from Together for Change” and assured that “The 33 Peronist senators are going to vote against the Bases Law” and ““We have to go look for those who do not belong to Unión por la Patria”.

He also ironically targeted President Javier Milei, whom “he agreed” as they are “their salaries beat inflation, those of the workers did not”.

“Today is a horrible, sad and bitter day. They do not realize the damage they are doing to the Argentine people through what was voted yesterday. There is no Only one benefit in the Base Law is for businessmen. And for the G to approve it in the Senategovernment is extorting governors through public works”said Moyano.

For its part, the Argentine Federation of Commerce and Services Employees (FAECyS) joined the mobilization in a column led by his general secretary, Armando Cavalierias well as delegates, references and employees.

Cavalieri said: “We find ourselves at a critical moment where the stagnation of economic activity puts jobs and the well-being of workers at risk. It is vital that we remain united and firm in the defense of our labor rights.”

In addition, he emphasized that “the unity of workers is our main strength in these complex times.” In this sense, he highlighted the importance of “working to overcome obstacles and build a more prosperous and equitable future for all.”

During the mobilization, there were also political and union representatives, among them, Juan Manuel Abal Medina, vice president of the PJ, along with the General Secretary of the Greater Buenos Aires Union of Sanitary Works Workers, José Luis Lingeri.

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