Ricardo Gareca warned the ‘Golden Generation’ of Chile that they are not guaranteed a call in their commitment to replacement

Ricardo Gareca warned the ‘Golden Generation’ of Chile that they are not guaranteed a call in their commitment to replacement
Ricardo Gareca warned the ‘Golden Generation’ of Chile that they are not guaranteed a call in their commitment to replacement

The Argentine coach spoke about the presence of the veteran players of the ‘red’ in his new process. (Video: TNT Sports Argentina)

The appointment of Ricardo Gareca as a technician Chile team At the end of January of this year, it brought with it a lot of hope in that country, since under the command of Eduardo Berizzo the team failed to maintain regularity and its chances of qualifying for the 2026 World Cup in North America were in jeopardy. And although the Argentine coach assured in his presentation that all Chilean players are eligible, he now issued a warning to the ‘Golden Generation’.

The ‘red’ lived its peak moment between 2015 and 2016, becoming champion of the Copa Américas in those years with a squad where great footballers stood out such as Claudio Bravo, Gary Medel, Arturo vidal, Alexis Sanchez, Eduardo Vargas, among others. However, several have exceeded thirty and concern has arisen in the nation. ‘southern’since there have not been many new faces and those that appear do not reach the major leagues in Europe.

In that line, the ‘Tiger’ He understood the unrest, although he assured that those who are current have demonstrated a high level and to continue performing in the main competitions.

“It is a logical question, it occurs naturally, not intentionally (generational change). In this intention to change something, it turns out that there are very current players, even though they are advanced in age, they are still very competitive. So, I believe in the experienced player, in the young man, in the one who transitions to definitive maturity. A team is supplied with all ages of players,” he commented in an interview for the TNT Sports Argentina program ‘Pelota Parada’.

Chile’s ‘Golden Generation’ won two editions of the Copa América: 2015 and 2016. – credits: MexSport

In the same way, he appreciated the fact that the previously mentioned footballers still play in ‘top’ tournaments in South America and Europe. “In that context, we really know all the players we have faced and who are still active, because in important leagues such as European or South American leagues such as Chile, Argentina, Brazilin all of them they are still in high competition, so we are observing them,” he noted.

If we review the current clubs of the members of the ‘Golden Generation’ From Chile we will realize that the majority still remains in the elite. Alexis Sánchez plays for Inter Milan, Claudio Bravo defends Real Betis, Eduardo Vargas for Atlético Mineiro, Arturo Vidal for Colo Colo, Gary Medel for Vasco Da Gama, etc., is proof that the players who achieved the greatest milestones in the history of Chilean football can still give their best thinking about the Copa America 2024 And in the Qualifiers 2026.

Despite everything mentioned above, Ricardo Gareca He issued his warning to the ‘Golden Generation’ of Chili and he gave details of what his talk was with the footballers in their first training session, implying that he did not assure them of giving them a safe space in their calls, opening up space for the youngest players.

“As soon as we arrived we introduced ourselves to everyone. Having faced them, we knew some of them and the first question we asked them was if they were still interested in the national team and they all answered yes. I cannot assure you that I will call them or that they will play, but I can assure you that based on that response, I was going to take them into account, because for me it was very important to talk with them and that they be able to express themselves,” he said.

Now, in the first games of the ‘Skinny’ in command of the ‘red’, faced Albania and France. They won the first duel 3-0, while in the second they lost 3-2. In these matches he included Claudio Bravo, Mauricio Isla, Alexis Sánchez and Eduardo Vargas. The latter scored against the Albanians after more than two years.

And if we review other names, there are Darío Osorio (20), Marcelino Núñez (24), César Pérez (21), Ben Brereton (25), players who have emerged little by little and aim to lead the Chilean team in the coming years.

Chile lost 3-2 to France in an international friendly match on FIFA date. Coach Ricardo Gareca suffered his first defeat with the ‘red’.

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