Honor and glory to the heroes of (1982 – 2024)

Honor and glory to the heroes of (1982 – 2024)
Honor and glory to the heroes of Belgrano (1982 – 2024)

One of the most painful events of the Falklands War took place on May 2, 1982, when the cruiser ARA General was sunk in combat in the South Atlantic, despite being outside the exclusion area determined by England around the islands. In a treacherous act of armed aggression, the Argentine ship was hit by the British nuclear submarine HMS Conqueror, with two MK-8 torpedoes.

The damage was lethal and 323 casualties were reported. From the province of Santa Fe there were thirty-three (fifteen non-commissioned officers and eighteen conscript sailors), coming from the towns of El Trébol, Esperanza, Gálvez, Hersilia, Rafaela, Rosario, San Cristóbal, San Javier, San Lorenzo, Santa Rosa, Sunchales , Vera, Villa Ocampo, plus eight people from Santa Fe and two others from Laguna Paiva and Santo Tome. This is how one of the most powerful ships of the Argentine Navy sank, between terror and acts of bravery. The screams of those who threw themselves from the rafts into the raging sea were “Long live the country” and “Long live Belgrano”.

The aforementioned ship, of American origin, had been launched in 1938 and incorporated into the United States Navy under the name USS Phoenix, with which it participated in World War II, remaining unscathed by the famous Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. The Argentine Navy acquired it in 1951, naming it 17 de Octubre, although in 1955 it was renamed General Belgrano.

Inside the cruise ship a portrait of General Manuel Belgrano with the National Flag had been hung, a little-known detail in the ship’s history and also little publicized. It was an oil painting belonging to the plastic artist Pablo Drucros Hicken, painter, historian, lecturer, collector of film equipment (timely donated to the Museum of Cinema in Buenos Aires), numismatist and journalist, who died in Buenos Aires on July 3, 1969. The work by Ducros Hicken, today is at the bottom of the Argentine Sea, accompanying the fallen heroes (two civilians and three hundred and twenty-one soldiers), guarding Argentine sovereignty

By means of Law No. 25546, passed on November 27, 2001, the area where the remains of the ARA cruiser General Belgrano and the 323 crew members resting there in the so-called Zone were declared a “National Historic Site and War Grave.” Economic Exclusive Argentina. It is right then the permanent tribute to the heroes of the Malvinas who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty, for love of our country and our flag.

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