Civic holiday measure in Santa Fe Legislature

Maximiliano Pullaro surprised the Legislative Assembly that delayed its constitution in the Chamber of Deputies and at 11:15 he arrived at Plaza Italia accompanied by Senator Felipe Michlig who had gone to wait for him on Urquiza Street.

The governor greeted the several hundred radical sympathizers and leaders from the interior of the province who were waiting for him behind the fences and even stopped to speak with journalists about the impact that the Base Law approved in Deputies will have for the province, if it is approved in the Senate of the Nation. Afterwards, the lieutenant governor and the presidents of the Senate blocks, authorized by the Legislative Assembly, came out to receive him.

Once the Assembly was established, Pullaro himself apologized for being early but recalled that he likes and exercises punctuality.

The president of the Court, Rafael Gutiérrez, retired from the Legislature accompanying Víctor Reviglio. Photo: Mauricio Garín

The gray morning passed normally and without tension, only early in the morning the protest of a group of professionals who ask for changes in the current law and who were heard, among others, by Senator Julio Garibaldi and Representative Alejandra Rodenas.

Afterwards, the square was radical with the arrival of young people from Franja Morada and Youth from different districts with their identifying flags. They were joined by officials as well as several communal presidents who did not take place in the Palace.

The Legislature area woke up with the closure of some surrounding streets and with a police presence. The number of troops – not a few – did not want to be confirmed by Security officials and there was even a deployment inside the Legislative Palace where movement was strongly restricted, including journalists.

The entrance to the Palace also had the route of guests on one side and press workers on the other, except for the Santa Fe public channel that has free access to choose interviewees in the square.

Frigerio arrived from Paraná to accompany Pullaro at the event. Photo: Mauricio Garín

Beyond the provincial legislators who arrived mid-morning to attend the first opening session of the legislative year, the national deputies Mónica Fein and Esteban Paulón were the first to arrive at the civic party and of course they had to talk about the law Bases voted hours in Congress. Diego Giuliano, leader of the Frente Renovador, did the same, who stayed for a long time talking to men from the press.

The three national senators from Santa Fe were also present: Carolina Losada, Eduardo Galaretto and Marcelo Lewandowski, they arrived in that order, and outlined alternatives for the treatment in the Upper House of the issue that occupies Congress.

The first two revealed that this Thursday there is a virtual meeting with the authorities of the block of radical deputies to review the text and seek a common position for the debate – in committees – next week. However, they admit Pullaro’s non-explicit support for the text approved in Deputies and that it does not contain the retention issue as the provincial Executive had been demanding.

Then members of the Judiciary, mayors, cabinet members, and businessmen invited to the Legislative Assembly arrived. Thus, informal rounds of dialogue were held, for example between the mayor of Coronda, Ricardo Ramírez, with the ministers from that city, Pablo Olivares and Victoria Tejeda; or Cristian Cunha, president of Pro, with radical and socialist leaders speaking about the internal affairs of that political force.

Furthermore, the Secretary of Justice, Santiago Mascheroni, coincided with the arrival of the Minister of the Court, Daniel Erbetta. Meanwhile, the president of the Court, Rafael Gutiérrez, was already inside. He then was one of the first to retire accompanying former governor Víctor Reviglio. Regarding Reviglio, the three living former governors were present at the venue. The Justicialist was joined by today’s deputies Antonio Bonfatti and Omar Perotti.

The esplanade of the Legislature filled with guests, ready to enter the premises. Photo: Mauricio GarínThe esplanade of the Legislature filled with guests, ready to enter the premises. Photo: Mauricio Garín

In fact, Bonfatti and Perotti arrived at a steady pace accompanied by Rubén Galassi, the first, and Marcos Corach and Celia Arena, the second. Another who arrived at an accelerated pace was the Entre Ríos president, Rogelio Frigerio, whose presence was highlighted by Pullaro at the beginning of the message.

After the speech, the governor remained making statements, before the reporters asked legislators and leaders their impressions of the message. The square became depopulated and Pullaro went to toast with union leaders for Workers’ Day and then to Rivadavia Juniors where he was the main speaker at the Unidos de La Capital meeting that had to suspend the sale of cards due to a greater demand than The expected.


Pablo Javkin and Juan Pablo Poletti were two of the many mayors present at the event. Both occupied the first line of guests in the Chamber of Deputies.

The capital resident highlighted the joint work carried out with the provincial government and highlighted Pullaro’s message especially regarding security.

For the man from Rosario, meanwhile, “it was a very coherent speech with what has been done since the first day, I especially highlight it: nothing that has been said has not been done in these more than 140 days. In the central core , attacking the problem of insecurity, which I have no doubt is the priority, especially in my city.”

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