There are no evacuees registered in Concordia despite the striking rise of the Uruguay River

A meeting was held in the Municipality of Concordia in which they worked on the situation of the Uruguay River in order to continuously monitor its behavior in response to the flooding it has had in recent days.

The data that is handled is provided by the Hydrology area of ​​the Salto Grande dam, with whom permanent contact is maintained and what is happening in the region as well as in the upper basin of the river will be evaluated daily.

In this regard, the latest Hydrology report indicated that the maximum and minimum levels referring to the port of Concordia will be 10.50 and 9.50 meters, respectively. While the level of the reservoir will tend to reach 34.00 meters this Wednesday and the spillways are open.


At the moment there are no evacuees registered in Concordia. At the same time, a series of recommendations are reiterated to the community in general with the aim of taking care of the coastline and also the integrity of the population in general:

– Traffic is restricted in the lower area, where the electricity supply was also cut off.
– Fishermen are asked to use the places that are still enabled, such as the southern end of the coastline.
– In addition, due to the flood, some animals have appeared so it is requested not to disturb them or try to get close to them.


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