“Without security there is no freedom”

“Without security there is no freedom”
“Without security there is no freedom”

What happened?

The President of the Republic, Gabriel Boric, spoke at a commemorative activity of the International Workers Day from the ACHS Hospital.

In the instance, the President placed special emphasis on security and the importance of the application of the 40 hour law.

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What did President Boric say on Labor Day?

The head of state referred to the murder of three Carabineros in Cañete, and commented that “this type of thing inspires deeper reflection; without security there is no freedomand without freedom there is no democracy, and without democracy there is no justice.”


“I want a safe, free, democratic and fair country, and That is why for our Government and for society today, security is a priority… That is why we put our money where we put our words, the police have been strengthened, we have invested in prevention, in the recovery of public spaces, in greater social cohesion and in a firm hand to prosecute crime,” he added.

“Anyone who attacks the security of the State, against those who take care of us, against coexistence, must respond to justice. It is a personal conviction with which I wake up and with which I go to bed. and it is shared by our entire Government, I do not want to leave doubts regarding it,” he stated.

Regarding the 40-hour Law, he mentioned that “since last week, workers have had one more free hour a week… I read the controversies and I agree with what a lawyer said that Changes always produce debate, but the rules end up settling and they do us very well.”

“Let us claim in life, in this logic of ultra-productivity… Put at the center the right of people to share, that You don’t live to work, you work to live”, commented the President.

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