Javier Milei will finally present his book at Luna Park on May 22

After getting off the Buenos Aires Book Fair, which he accused of wanting to sabotage him, President Javier Milei will present his latest book “Capitalism, socialism and the neoclassical trap” at Luna Parknext May 22.

The information was confirmed by sources from the Presidency of the Nation and came after the president himself announced his absence from the traditional literary festival that began last week with strong criticism of his management.

In principle, Milei had planned present its publication on May 12 at the Book Fair Buenos Aires, accompanied by the national deputy José Luis Espert.

However, the head of state said in a radio interview this Wednesday, during the efforts led by his sister and Secretary General of the Presidency, Karina Milei, “strong hostility” was detected against himwhich led to the decision to change venues for the event.

«There is a theme of sabotaging the presentation and doing it in the Kirchnerist style, in a violent way“He maintained and assured that they even received threats “that they were going to do things to us, a type of behavior inappropriate to the culture and we cannot expose ourselves to being blocked.”«.

Milei made special mention of the speech he gave Alejandro Vaccaro, the head of the El Libro Foundation, the entity in charge of organizing the fair. He described it as “violent and improper”with “false” issues in its development.

From this, the Presidency confirmed that the event will take place at Luna Park on May 22.

Source: Argentine News

The Book Fair responded to Milei’s cancellation: “They say we are violent, hostile”

President Javier Milei surprised this afternoon by announcing that he suspended his participation in the Buenos Aires International Book Fair. «There is an intention to sabotage the presentation and do it in the Kirchnerist style, in a violent way», he assured during a radio interview.

As expected, the organization came out to respond. “It is a trap: It turns out that now Milei doesn’t come because we don’t want to…” He launched Alejandro Vaccaropresident of the El Libro Foundation, the entity that organizes the Book Fair, when consulted by the media Infobae.

Vaccaro said that, however, until this Tuesday the conversations between the Presidency and the Fair developed without problems. “Yesterday 25 people from the production company, the Military House and even the Presidency of the Nation were here. We agreed on everything, what the fences would be like, everything,” he explained.

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