Video: they stole his cell phone, he chased the thief and killed him with a stab in the neck

Video: they stole his cell phone, he chased the thief and killed him with a stab in the neck
Video: they stole his cell phone, he chased the thief and killed him with a stab in the neck

This was the young man’s confrontation with the thief

Nahuel Andrés Robles, a 19-year-old young man from the Santa Fe town of Santo Tomé, was murdered in cold blood during an assault yesterday, Monday. In fact, a criminal stole his cell phone. Nahuel chased him to recover it and when he caught up with him, the criminal killed him with a stab in the neck. Almost the entire sequence was recorded by a Municipal security camera.

The violent murder occurred minutes after 6:00 p.m., when Nahuel was walking near the corner of Moreno and Necochea next to a girl. According to several Santa Fe media, a young man asked them a question about an address. When explained how to do it, the individual he stole her cell phone and escaped.

Robles, according to the images, began to chase him along the block until he reached it. Almost at the end of the street, the offender turned around, confronted the victim and stabbed him in the neck. He then he escaped. The injured 19-year-old He retraced his steps, sat on the sidewalk with his hand on the cut the thief caused him. and fell dead.

According to information published by the newspaper One from Santa Fe, Nahuel was taken by ambulance to Samco hospital, where he arrived dead.

The neighbors reported the incident and a few minutes later, police officers from the 12th Police Station arrived, who began the investigation in the area and gave intervention to the Homicide personnel of the Investigative Police and the Homicide prosecutor on duty from the Public Prosecutor’s Office. , Estanislao Giavedoni.

At this time, the authorities are searching for the murderer who is at large. According to what transpired, Witnesses were identified and images from public and private video surveillance cameras were seized from the area where the murder was recorded. The murderer would be identified. Giavedoni ordered that the body be transferred to the Judicial Morgue.

Just 10 days ago, seven troops from the province of Santa Fe were arrested accused of stealing merchandise of a truck that had overturned on Route No. 11. One of them, Hernán Nahuel Peressonof 36 yearswas charged with the crime of theft and a court issued the preventive prison.

Peresson is a member of the Provincial Directorate of Road Safety and his situation is extremely compromised due to the security cameras that captured him with, presumably, the stolen products.

It all started in the early hours of Wednesday following a collision between two trucks south of the city of Reconquest, at kilometer 770 of the aforementioned route. Both vehicles overturned and their drivers were taken to a hospital as a precaution. One carried cereals, the other canned preserves. The loads were scattered on the ground.

Road Safety officers went to the scene and worked there during the night. After dawn, Neighbors in the area noticed the situation and looted the merchandise. that had been left around the abandoned trucks.

The investigation of this episode took a turn when the Police discovered that, that same Wednesday morning and hours after the trucks crashed, Two police vans arrived at Peresson’s the Las Lilas subdivision of Reconquista, with several boxes similar to those that transported the canned preserves.

Camera records from the area showed that a group of agents entered the property and unloaded the boxes. Consequently, they raided the place this Thursday. During the procedure, cans of oil, corn and tuna, among other foods, were found.. Thus, Peresson was arrested.

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