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From Monday to Saturday, the Córdoba Lottery. The usual draws are the Preliminary, First, Morning, Afternoon and Night draws.

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Córdoba Quiniela: what were the numbers of the Preview draw

Córdoba Quiniela: what were the numbers of the Primera draw

Córdoba Quiniela: what were the numbers of the Morning draw

Córdoba Lottery: what were the numbers of the Evening draw

Córdoba Quiniela: what were the numbers of the Nocturna draw

What is the Córdoba Quiniela?

It consists of a contest of plays, understood as the association of a risk with an amount of money, subject to prizes, determined by one or more draws. A bet on this game is considered the quotient between the amount bet and the extent of the play. The risk to which reference is made, and which is assumed by the bettor, entitles him, if his bet is correct, to multiply it by a certain number of times, according to the extent to which he would have risked his capital. For this reason, although it is not a formal game, the prize amounts are not determined, but rather the multiplication factor of the bet.

How do you play the Córdoba Quiniela?

The bettor can choose whether to play with one, two, three, four or five Lotteries. If you choose a Lottery, everything you bet will be taken as a bet for that draw exclusively and you will be rewarded if the number appears in that Lottery only. If, on the other hand, you choose to play five Lotteries, the amount of the bet placed is divided into five for each Lottery and if there is money left from that division by three, the remainder increases the bet of the first Lottery.

The minimum bet is $10.00 and the minimum amount established per ticket is $50.00, explains the Córdoba Lottery.

Types of bets: First: means that you only bet that the number will come first. You can bet one figure, two figures, three figures or four figures. For prizes: it means that you bet that the chosen number will come out in second, third, fourth, fifth, tenth, fifteenth, or twentieth place. It can be one figure (only up to fifth place), two figures, three figures or four figures. It should be noted that you bet not on the position, but on the chosen range. For example, in the case of tenth, you are betting on the number appearing in the first ten positions. Redoublona: It means that you bet that two numbers (exclusively two digits) will appear in certain places.

Córdoba Quiniela Draws

LOTTERY OF THE PROVINCE OF CÓRDOBA, carries out SIX QUINIELA contests from Monday to Friday (The Previous, The First in the Morning, the Morning, the Afternoon, the Night and the Tourist)and FIVE on Saturday (The Previous, The First in the Morning, Morning, Evening and Night).

Each contest (except The tourist ) is resolved by five different draws among themselves (Lottery of the City of Buenos Aires (LotBA), Lottery of the Province of Buenos Aires, Lottery of Córdoba, Lottery of Santa Fe and Lottery of Entre Ríos).

In the contest The touristis incorporated in addition to the Córdoba Lottery is incorporated Santiago Lottery and the Missions Pool.

What is The Tourist?

It is the sixth contest of the Quiniela that draws from Monday to Friday at 10:15 p.m. The extract is resolved by three codes: Lotería de Santiago, Quiniela de Misiones and Quiniela de Córdoba.

What are the prizes?

First: last figure: 7 times the bet last 2 figures: 70 times the bet last 3 figures: 500 times the bet last 4 figures: 3500 times the bet. To the awards:1 figure: the amount bet $ x 7 and the result divided by the place number bet. Example: 7 at 5 $ 2. $ 2×7= 14 %5= $ 2.8.- and this amount is multiplied as many times as this figure has been obtained up to five. (the figure is considered as a unit of numbers. )2 figures: the amount bet x 70 divided by the number of the place bet. Example: 20 at 15 $ 2 2×70= $ 140.- % 15= $ 9.33.- This amount is also paid as many times as the number has appeared up to and including the fifteenth place. For the 3 figures, the same method is used except that the amount is multiplied by 500. Example: 398 at 5 $ 10.- $ 10 x 500 = 5000% 5 = $ 1,000.- this amount is also repeated as many times as it is repeated. This number up to and including the tenth place. 4 figures: repeats the calculation mechanics, only that the amount is multiplied by 3,500. Example: 2398 at 5 $ 10.- $ 10 x 3500 = $35,000 / 5 = $ 7,000.- Likewise, this amount is repeated as many times as this number is repeated up to and including the tenth place.

Redouble: Redoubling plays will be paid in the following way: the prize obtained for the first bet is taken as the amount bet for the second. Only those in which the first bet is made on the first prize and the second on certain prizes, will be understood to be made on the following ones, excluding the prize, that is, the entries up to the five prizes of the second bet must be taken up to the six prizes, and so on until the twentieth.

Due to this circumstance, plays will not be admitted until there are more than 19 prizes in the second bet, and if this observation is registered despite this, in a higher number, it will be considered made at 19. In cases of repetition of the correct numbers, the amount of the hits will accumulate up to a maximum of 2000 times the value of the first bet. Example: 24 to 1st with 48 to 10th – $10 Calculated: $10/1 (amount bet) x 70 (prize coefficient) x 1 (number of times it is repeated) = $700 (first redouble bet prize and which will be the amount of the second redoublona bet). $700/10 (amount bet) x 70 (prize coefficient) x 1 (number of times it is repeated) = $4900 (total prize amount).-

Where are the pool prizes paid?

In agencies, which are equipped with pool bet capture machines. These machines -connected to the Córdoba Lottery- ensure that the bettor can place bets up to minutes before the draws take place. Once the bet is indicated, the bettor will receive a ticket as proof of their play, which will be the only valid proof to collect prizes if applicable, being cashed in the same place where the bet was made.


In the case of the Córdoba Quiniela, the provincial Lottery carries out four traditional draws from Monday to Saturday (First in the Morning, Morning, Evening and Night).

  • The First of the Morning: 12
  • Morning: fifteen
  • Evening: 18
  • Night: twenty-one

The meaning of the Quiniela numbers

  • 00 Eggs
  • 01 Water
  • 02 Child
  • 03 San Cono
  • 04 The Bed
  • 05 Cat
  • 06 Dog
  • 07 Revolver
  • 08 Fire
  • 09 Stream
  • 10 Cannon
  • 11 Miner
  • 12 Soldier
  • 13 Yeta
  • 14 Drunk
  • 15 Girl
  • 16 Ring
  • 17 Misfortune
  • 18 Blood
  • 19 Fish
  • 20 The party
  • 21 The woman
  • 22 The madman
  • 23 Cook
  • 24 Horse
  • 25 Chicken
  • 26 The mass
  • 27 The comb
  • 28 The hill
  • 29 Saint Peter
  • 30 Santa Rosa
  • 31 The light
  • 32 Money
  • 33 Christ
  • 34 Head
  • 35 Little Bird
  • 36 Chestnuts
  • 37 Eucalyptus
  • 38 Stones
  • 39 Rain
  • 40 Cure
  • 41 Knife
  • 42 Sneaker
  • 43 Balcony
  • 44 The Prison
  • 45 The Wine
  • 46 Tomatoes
  • 47 Dead
  • 48 Dead man who talks
  • 49 The Meat
  • 50 The Bread
  • 51 Saw
  • 52 Mother and son
  • 53 The Ship
  • 54 The Cow
  • 55 Music
  • 56 The Fall
  • 57 The Hunchback
  • 58 Drowned
  • 59 Plants
  • 60 The Virgin
  • 61 Shotgun
  • 62 Flood
  • 63 Marriage
  • 64 Crying
  • 65 The Hunter
  • 66 Worms
  • 67 Bite
  • 68 Nephews
  • 69 Vices
  • 70 Almoners
  • 71 Excrement
  • 72 Surprise
  • 73 Hospital
  • 74 Black People
  • 75 Kisses
  • 76 The Flames
  • 77 Woman’s Leg
  • 78 Whore
  • 79 Thief
  • 80 The Bocha
  • 81 The Flowers
  • 82 The Fight
  • 83 Bad Weather
  • 84 The Church
  • 85 Flashlight
  • 86 The Smoke
  • 87 Lice
  • 88 The Pope
  • 89 The Rat
  • 90 Fear
  • 91 Toilet
  • 92 The Doctor
  • 93 In love
  • 94 Cemetery
  • 95 Glasses
  • 96 Husband
  • 97 Table
  • 98 Laundress
  • 99 Brother

Clarification: The voice is not responsible for any errors or omissions that may exist in this information. The only valid official list is the one provided by the Lottery of the Province of Córdoba

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