Camagüey increased the work and complied with the sworn statement to the Onat

Camagüey increased the work and complied with the sworn statement to the Onat
Camagüey increased the work and complied with the sworn statement to the Onat

CAMAGÜEY.- In a final sprint, as they say in sports language, Camagüey completed the delivery to the National Tax Administration Office of the Sworn Declaration of personal income of the thirteen municipalities, in the agricultural sector, in which They grouped 11,617 taxpayers, a process that seemed impossible due to the slowness shown a few weeks ago.

From personal income, twelve of the territories completed their obligations, out of a total of 19,214, with the exception of the municipality of Camagüey, with about 400 undeclared, although above the general 97%, reported Osvaldo Barbarito Fernández, deputy director of the Onat in the Camagüey territory.

In the specific case of the provincial capital, the managers and bookkeepers collaborated with this effort, the official said.

The extension of the hours of the municipal offices, the enabling of the service in the bank branches and visits to the homes of the contributors, were some of the measures that favored the successful completion of this procedure, required as part of Tax Law 113.

From the beginning of each year, Onat puts into effect the stage of submitting the sworn declaration, favoring those who complete this step until February 28 with a 5% bonus.

He clarified that if they pay through the Transfermovil or Zona gateways, they also receive another bonus apart from the 3%.

Those who wait for the end – consciously or unconsciously – and do not take into account that the closing date is April 30, are considered delinquent, according to Tax Law 113.

Instead, they receive surcharges, fines, if they are repeat offenders the elimination of the authorization for the business and if they do not pay the debts, they will not be able to travel abroad, in accordance with immigration regulations.

That is to say, the amount contributed by self-employed workers, those integrated into new forms of management, artists, social communicators and foreign agencies, only represents a minimum amount, in relation to what is contributed by the State for the sectors prioritized by the country, such as education, health, sports, security and social assistance.

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