Puppy Wilson was not with the Mucutuy brothers, according to investigation

Puppy Wilson was not with the Mucutuy brothers, according to investigation
Puppy Wilson was not with the Mucutuy brothers, according to investigation

New details are known about the case of the Mucutuy brothers, four little indigenous people who survived 40 days in the Guaviare jungle after a plane crash that claimed the lives of three people, including his mother.

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The research director of the Civil Aeronautics, Miguel Ángel Camacho, specified that the little ones “were not accompanied by other human beings or canines”, a fact that refutes the fact that Wilson, the dog of the FF. MM. who was lost in the search for the minors, he would have been with the brothers as was said after his rescue.

“They were afraid to make noise and get close because of the animals. They were not accompanied by other humans or canines, but “They did find fauna, snakes, a tapir, a large turtle.”said the official.

In dialogue with Blu Radio, the research director of Civil Aeronautics explained why the The Mucutuy brothers drew a dog by their side during their recovery at the Military Hospital in Bogotá.

“We are corroborating that manifestation, perhaps psychological of the girl’s moment. We do not know if she was post-traumatically subjected. The truth is that once we did the interview, after months, and with the approval and support of the ICBF, the girl told us that (that they were not accompanied by a dog),” said Camacho.

Wilson, a hero who could not be found

It should be remembered that Wilson was a fundamental piece during Operation Hope to find the Mucutuy children. With his great abilities, the canine found the first signs of life of the little ones.

Although the improbability of finding Wilson was very high, the sighting of similar canines was a light of hope, not only for the guide who was immersed in the thick forest between Caquetá and Guaviare, but also for hundreds of Colombians who cannot forget it.

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A case that became relevant was that of a dog similar to Wilson that was found in the Caquetá jungle. According to the first images obtained, the dog looked very underweight, which was related to the time the commando had been missing.

Through an identification chip, the Military Forces tried to establish if the dog was indeed Wilson, but Some physical characteristics of the dog did not match.

General Pedro Sánchez, who was in charge of Operation Esperanza to rescue the four children from the jungle, confirmed that the dog found did not correspond to Wilson. According to the general, the animal found did not have a scar that the dog had near its stomach and nor did it have three broken fangs, typical of the four-legged hero. In addition, it had been found 380 km from where the accident occurred.

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