Peasants of Nariño cry out for humanitarian demining from the Government

Peasants of Nariño cry out for humanitarian demining from the Government
Peasants of Nariño cry out for humanitarian demining from the Government

Communities from four municipalities of Nariño that are experiencing the armed conflict rigorously, asked the National Government to carry out humanitarian demining soon and without major hesitation.

In this extensive territory located in the west of the department, between July and November 2023, there were strong clashes between the ELN and the FARC dissidents over the fight for drug trafficking routes, causing massive displacements and confinements of peasants and indigenous people who live there.

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The farmers warned that so far this year, at least, Some 500 inhabitants of those municipalities decided to return to their homes at their own risk, tired of waiting in the shelters for the announced humanitarian aid from the Government that never arrived.

According to the Committee for Comprehensive Action against Antipersonnel Mines (AICMA), In Nariño there are a total of 21 of the 64 municipalities where there is a presence of these dangerous explosive devices that put people’s lives at risk.

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Tumaco is the municipality in Nariño with the highest number of cases of installed mines.

The same organization of which national and departmental government entities and some civil society organizations are part, coordinates actions for the eradication of antipersonnel mines in the region, through risk education, comprehensive care for victims and humanitarian demining.

The mayor of the municipality of Samaniego, William Andrade, said that the humanitarian demining process will have the support of the National Government.

“The president gave his support for humanitarian demining in our municipality because there is a statement from the ELN that demining is being started by them,” the official stressed.

He stressed that demining is beginning in his jurisdiction, “I believe that with this we will be able to guarantee the return of the communities to the mountainous sector.”


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