One year after the accident, they reveal how the plane in which the indigenous children who survived in the Guaviare jungle were traveling fell

Plane crashed in Guaviare. Photo: @aerocivil

Civil Aeronautics presented a detailed 43-page report in which it evidenced the alleged failures suffered by the aircraft that crashed to the ground on May 1, 2023.

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One year has passed since that tragedy in which a Cessna U206G small plane, HK2803, with seven people on board, crashed into the branches of a tree in the jungle area of ​​the municipality of Solano, Chiribiquete National Natural Park, in the department of Caquetá , claiming the lives of the pilot and two other adult passengers, including the mother of the four indigenous minors who survived the plane crash.

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In an investigation carried out by the Technical Directorate of Accident Investigation, it was concluded that the reason for the accident would have been a mechanical failure originating in one of the engine pistons, which caused the aircraft to lose power, so the pilot decided to carry out a “tree planting on jungle terrain.”

Fourteen days after the accident, a group of indigenous people and troops from the Joint Special Operations Command (CCOES) found the aircraft in a vertical position, impacted head-on against the ground, intact, with the exception of the engine, its cover and the propeller (separated and nearby) and with the front part destroyed.

Through an image, the Civil Aeronautics showed the sequence of the impact that the aircraft had on the top of trees in the thick jungle of Caquetá, which detached the power plant from the plane, and the way in which it fell to the ground, which caused the engine to come loose.

Details of the plane that crashed in the thick Guaviare jungle.

In addition to these damages, the accident plane suffered significant dents in the front section of the cargo pod, damage to the front section of cockpit instruments and to the fire wall.

Detailed inspection of the remains indicated that, during tree planting, a first impact occurred against the trees, 50 m high;
This hit caused significant damage to the ventral section of the aircraft, causing the engine with its cover and the propeller to separate from the structure, from the wall of fire.

Position of the bodies after the accident

Pilot: left cockpit chair. She was lifeless, outside the cabin.
Adult: right chair of the cockpit. She was lifeless, outside the aircraft and with several exposed traumas in the upper part of his body.
Children’s mother: left chair, first row. She was lifeless, covering the 11-month-old child with her chest and arms, who was suffocating, taking into account the position in which she was.
11 month old baby: left chair, first row. She was under the body of her mother, who protected her from the impact, conscious and with a soft tissue injury in the eyelid area.
Under 14 years of age: right chair, first row. He was bleeding heavily as a result of an open circular wound, approximately 2 centimeters thick, that covered the upper part of his forehead, behind the starting line of the scalp, to the back of his head. . He indicated that he suffered an injury to the inside of his left leg that caused him intense pain. During the interview, it was learned that this injury required an internal suture, which was performed at the medical center to which she was transferred after her rescue.
Under 4 years of age: left chair, second row. He was secured to the seat belt, which was not unfastened, contrary to the instructions of the Pilot, who anticipated a water landing. He did not show any injury.
Under 9 years old: right chair, second row. She was conscious, imprisoned inside the aircraft with her lower extremities hanging from the structure, head down, and suffered trauma to her head and thorax.

Explanatory table of the location of passengers on the aircraft.

It should be remembered that 39 days after the accident the 4 minors were found alive 3.9 kilometers from the site of the tragedy.

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