Indigenous children claim they were never with Wilson

Indigenous children claim they were never with Wilson
Indigenous children claim they were never with Wilson

On May 1, 2023the country was shaken by the disappearance of a small plane in Guaviare in which seven occupants were traveling, including four minors.

After 40 days of searching, the whereabouts of the four minors were found, since the rest of the occupants died after the plane crash.

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In the last hours, a provisional report of the accident of the airplane HK2803 released until now unknown details of this fatal event, including the interview with the 14-year-old minor, Lesly, who told how he managed to survive in the jungle with his brothers.

‘Wilson’, the rescue dog that participated in the search operation, captured the attention of the main media after it was learned that he did not return during the search for the minors. For her part, Lesly denied the versions that stated that the canine was never with them.

However, the work of Wilson, who missed the May 18, 2023 When his guide asked him to look for the minors, he helped the uniformed officers find clues about their whereabouts.

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A drawing was also taken in which the minors are seen next to a dog, an object whose origin is still unknown.

It is important to remember that the government highlighted Wilson’s work with a significant medal, which was awarded to Drugia, Wilson’s canine rescuer mother, who together with the soldier Óscar Rueda received this tribute on behalf of her son.


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