The aggressor was remanded in custody after charges were filed

A 35 year old man who not only threw hot water on his partner but also threw her into a bonfire, was arrested and charged with attempted femicide. For this crime you could be sentenced to a sentence that ranges from 10 to 15 years in prison.

The case of extreme violence occurred on Tuesday around 2:30 p.m. in the patio of the house he shared Jorge Gerónimo Irrazabal and his partner, in the town of Engineer Huergo.

After an argument, the woman left the house as she was cooking in the patio. And it was there that her subject threw the hot water on her and then threw it on the fire.

“The man first began to attack her verbally. Then, when she tried to flee, since the escalation of violence was evident, with the intention of killing her, he threw boiling water at the woman and, failing to achieve his goal, he threw her on the fire.“, explained the prosecution at the charging hearing held yesterday at noon in the city of Villa Regina.

“Homicidal intent”said the prosecutor of the case at the hearing held, “it did not materialize for reasons beyond the control of the accused, since a neighbor intervened.”

The qualification by which the charges were formulated is that of “tattempted homicide doubly aggravated by the relationship and by having been committed by a man against a woman in a context of gender violence”, according to Articles 80 inc. 1 and 11, 42 and 45 of the Penal Code.

Among the supporting evidence the prosecutor’s team mentioned: the police procedural report, the criminal complaint made by the female victim, the medical certificate indicating the injuries suffered by the woman, the preliminary report from the Villa Regina Criminalistics Office. The report from the Victim Assistance Office was added, among other evidence.

With preventive detention

The prosecution requested the precautionary measure of preventive detention for a period of four months, highlighting among the procedural risks the obstruction of the investigation.

The public criminal defender who assisted the man opposed both the formulation and the precautionary measure, proposing alternative measuresless burdensome.

Finally, the intervening Guarantees judge decided to hold the charges in the terms put forward by the prosecutor’s office and also that the man be detained. fulfilling the preventive.

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