The Departmental Assembly of Santa Cruz has until this Friday to renew its directive

The Departmental Assembly of Santa Cruz has until this Friday to renew its directive
The Departmental Assembly of Santa Cruz has until this Friday to renew its directive

Time is ticking for the Departmental Legislative Assembly (ALD) of Santa Cruz, which has until this Friday, May 3, to renew its board of directors for the period 2024-2025. The current presidency, led by Zvonko Matkovic Ribera of the We Believe alliance, is in limbo, while the parties seek consensus to reconfigure the board of directors or ratify Matkovic’s leadership.

The last few hours have been hectic in the ALD of Santa Cruz. The groups have held intense meetings in search of alliances that will allow them to achieve the 15 votes needed to elect the new board. The key seems to be in the indigenous bench, made up of five indigenous peoples: Ayoreo, Chiquitano, Guarayo, Yuracaré-Mojeño and Guaraní.

The head of the indigenous group, Giliana Etacore, for her part, has been emphatic in pointing out that they are seeking an alliance with other groups to present their own plan. “We are not going to name names, we are working on it and not only for the presidency but as secretary. We want to have our iron“We are focused on seeking alliances with those who want to support this group,” Etacore stated.

We believe seeks to maintain control

For her part, the CRE assembly member, Paola Aguirre, assured that The call for the elections will go out until this Thursday, May 2. He recognized that to reach the 15 votes necessary for Matkovic’s re-election it is necessary to achieve consensus.

“The work to be able to carry out a consensus agreement, of a democratic nature, has been carried out for several weeks, and we hope that the new board that presides over the Departmental Legislative Assembly of Santa Cruz, regardless of its members or the political forces let them preside over it, be a directive that truly defends the interests of this regulation, and is placed at the service of the citizen,” said Aguirre.

Antonio Talamás, an alternative within Creo

Departmental assemblyman Antonio Talamás, of Governor Mario Aguilera’s line, also left open the possibility of running for president. “There is nothing concrete. The elections, although they have a maximum deadline to choose and proceed this Friday, we continue in meetings, in consensus and trying to reach an agreement that is beneficial to the department,” said Talamas.

Since Aguilera took the helm of the Santa Cruz Governorate, the correlation of forces in the Departmental Assembly has undergone some adjustments. The Creo faction – related to Camacho – lost support that he had during the previous two years.

“This new board (to be elected on Friday) must articulate and work in coordination with the Executive without leaving aside its supervisory role,” added Talamas.

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