Displacements and confinements returned to Caloto, northern Cauca

Displacements and confinements returned to Caloto, northern Cauca
Displacements and confinements returned to Caloto, northern Cauca

Offensive operations against FARC dissidents do not cease in the mountainous area of ​​the municipality of Caloto, in northern Cauca, after the intense fighting reported between the Colombian Armed Forces and FARC dissidents.

According to complaints from the Association of Indigenous Councils of Northern Cauca (Acin), the violent advance between the Public Force and the guerrilla groups that became violent, which has caused the confinement of 82 families and the displacement of another 36 families in the village. The Emerald.

The association says that the exchange of gunfire has increased the risk to the integrity of the indigenous and peasant communities in the region due to the clashes. In addition, it has demanded an immediate cessation of hostilities and has called for respect for International Humanitarian Law, protecting the civilian population and common property, including sites designated for permanent assemblies.


“There are strong fights between the Dagoberto Ramos Front and the National Army in the villages of La Chivera, Los Chorros and Venadillo in the Huellas reservation, a mountainous area of ​​the municipality of Caloto. The shots and explosions occur in the vicinity of the civilian population, putting the lives of the communities in serious danger,” commented Acin.

Likewise, the association has urged human rights organizations to remain on alert and provide the necessary humanitarian assistance to those affected by the conflict. The harsh public order situation comes on top of similar episodes of violence that occurred the previous month, including the kidnapping of three people on April 19, including two CTI officials.


And the department has been the protagonist in the last month due to the strong fighting between the National Army and those commanded by Iván Mordisco. In fact, just a week ago, the Public Force reported a severe blow to dissidents in the midst of an operation in the Micay Canyon region, in southern Cauca, which generated controversy around the reported casualties.

The response of the National Army, through the commander of the Cauca Specific Command, General Federico Mejía, has been firm, ensuring that operations are based on solid intelligence and human sources.

General Mejía emphasized that they are dealing with criminals and that their refusal to accept official figures is understandable due to the demoralizing impact they could have on their ranks. “We are dealing with criminals, with violence,” he explained, refuting accusations of inflating numbers.

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