US blockade of Cuba is a violation of international law

US blockade of Cuba is a violation of international law
US blockade of Cuba is a violation of international law

In his opinion, the economic, commercial and financial blockade tries to prevent ties of solidarity with the island.

During his speech at the International Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba and against imperialism, which takes place at the Convention Palace, Adler considered that US policy demonstrates the urgency of transforming the current world order.

In that sense, he referred to the debates of the Second International Congress on the imbalances in the world, the urgency of peace and development and the need for a New International Economic Order, which recently met in the capital.

He stressed that the participants, from 36 countries, expressed their deep solidarity and commitment to joining “this fight that concerns us here and is the unjust blockade” against the Caribbean nation.

It meant that the forum was a call to all democratic, just and progressive forces in the world to join the fight for a new international economic order that corresponds to the need to protect the possibilities of sovereign development and total peace.

The general coordinator considered Cuba as an essential space to promote debate due to the fundamental role it played in the formation of the original new international economic order and it is a space for debate “that invites everyone to come here to talk.”

For the young solidarity activist, the motivation for attending this Thursday’s event is the conviction that today the world faces a real risk of an international war.

This meeting, he noted, is an opportunity to reflect and communicate to the more than a thousand activists the results of the congress on the new international order.

Likewise, he indicated that it allows those present to be invited to participate in the development of an action plan that will be announced and published before the United Nations General Assembly in September of this year.

«From May to September, we are going to be developing, together with all the governments that participated in the congress and many more, an action plan to win peace, to win sovereign development that we are going to send to every ear of the world. », he explained.

The Solidarity Meeting celebrates its last day this Thursday with the presence of President Miguel Díaz-Canel and 1,144 union leaders from 58 countries, from 220 organizations, including representatives of union centers, solidarity movements and political parties.


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