They demand that safety be guaranteed before reopening

After the accident that occurred at the Patagonia brewery located in Bariloche, where a person was hospitalized with serious burns, The gastronomic union Uthgra issued a statement demanding that “safety be guaranteed” before its reopening..

According to reports from the union, after learning of the accident in which a young worker is still hospitalized with serious injuries, They required the Ministry of Labor to intervene in the case. They explained that they went to the scene with a Safety and Hygiene inspector and a member of the Uthgra union to find out the reasons that caused the explosion, but, Because the case was being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office, they could not intervene.

Given this situation, the union indicated that On April 30, they requested a hearing with all the establishment’s workers and the owners of the company: “This meeting has the purpose of establishing, together with the Department of Safety and Hygiene of the province, that prior to the reopening of the brewery, a verification of the safety conditions must be carried out,” they stated.

“From our organization we demand that prior to reopening, the conditions must be optimal,” They highlighted and after this they added another request in which they demanded that for the time in which the brewery remains closed, “the workers’ salaries must be paid in full.”

Explosion in a brewery in Bariloche: the fact

The incident occurred on Wednesday, April 24, around 7 p.m. The ignition of a stove generated the fire in the kitchen area, the company said. Since then the brewery has remained closed.

As a result of the explosion, an employee of the Patagonia brewery He suffered significant injuries for which he remains hospitalized with a reserved prognosis. in Bariloche. «The patient Rodríguez remains very serious, very hemodynamically unstablepersistent febrile and starting with kidney dysfunction,” they communicated to this medium from the private center

Investigation sources informed Diario RÍO NEGRO that measures were ordered. Among them that I worked as an expert on site and interviews were also carried out. He is in charge of the cause, the prosecutor on duty Silvia Paolini.

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