Hitmen murder motorcycle taxi driver on public roads, this is known

Hitmen murder motorcycle taxi driver on public roads, this is known
Hitmen murder motorcycle taxi driver on public roads, this is known

The authorities of Santa Marta are on the trail of the hitmen who murdered a motorcycle taxi driver, when he was providing transportation service to a woman.

Edinson Rafael San Martín was attacked on Avenida del Libertador, in Santa Marta.

The 58-year-old man was identified as Edinson Rafael San Martín, who was murdered by hitmen in the middle of a hitman attack that occurred this Thursday, May 2, in the city of Santa Marta, Magdalena.

This violent episode took place in the Juan XXIII neighborhood, located at the height of Avenida del Libertador. It was 6:30 in the morning, when the inhabitants of the sector were awakened by the sound of bullets in the midst of moments of confusion and anguish.

According to testimonies given to the Police, San Martín traveled on a motorcycle and had a woman as a barbecue.whom he made a career out of, since he was dedicated to motorcycle taxis.

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At that moment, two hitmen intercepted him and shot him multiple times, causing the motorcycle to fall and panic in the sector. The woman apparently emerged unharmed from the gunshot attack.

Several passers-by set out to help the victim, taking him to the Salud Gestión Clinic, where the medical team confirmed his death. Furthermore, unofficial information indicates that The victim was also a loan shark and his crime could be related to this work.

The Santa Marta Metropolitan Police (Mesan) began an investigation to determine the whereabouts of those responsible for this bloody incident in order to carry out the arrests.

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In the capital of Magdalena there has been an increase in crime, such as cases of theft and homicide, in the latter the most frequent is armed robbery. “You can’t carry a wallet or anything because that’s a robbery, so you don’t have security either in the neighborhood or in the city,” said a citizen.

Added to this is the rearmament of illegal groups in the Sierra Nevada. Over there, They denounce that there is control by the Conquistadores de la Sierra Self-Defense Forces and in the urban part there is an open dispute between the Conquistadores de la Sierra and the Clan del Golfo.

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