Should the construction contract for the 60th and Quinta bridge in Ibagué be liquidated?

Should the construction contract for the 60th and Quinta bridge in Ibagué be liquidated?
Should the construction contract for the 60th and Quinta bridge in Ibagué be liquidated?


After a year of the signing of the initiation document and constant non-compliance in the construction of the Carrera Quinta and Calle 60 bridge in Ibagué, Residents in the sector are increasingly concerned about the lack of progress in this project vital for the mobility of the city.

At the beginning of the year, a suspension of the contract was authorized, a document signed by Roberto José Gutiérrez, representative of the Puente Carrera Quinta Consortium and Jonathan Suarez Barrera, technical director of the infrastructure. Deadlines have continued to grow.

According to the Conservative councilor, Víctor Ortiz, The mayor must make a decision to determine whether to continue with the worksanctions the contractor or liquidates the contract because after a year the progress is minimal.

I think it is time for the mayor of Ibagué to come out and speak out. I in the corporation said in the debate that I did about the 42 complex, the governor gave an ultimatum to the contractor and asked that, if the execution of the contract was not fulfilled within a certain time, the compliance policies would be effective. . So I think the mayor should come out and speak out,” Ortiz said.

At the same time, the lobbyist stated that “While it is true that it is a process that was not in charge of her, but it falls on this administration because it is in the process of execution and with an execution that is indeed very poor, very low, then ask the mayor to come out, demonstrate and tell the people of Ibaguera what is going to happen with this time of the 60″ bridge.

What did the mayor, Johana Aranda, say about the future of the 60th and Quinta bridge?

The local president assured that the due process is being carried out together with the control entities “I am sure that the people of Ibaguera will be satisfied with the decision that is made.“We want to do things well for the good of the city, for the good of the projects, we give peace of mind to the people of Ibaguera, we are in the due process,” said Aranda.

For this work The Puente Carrera Quinta Consortium was contracted in April 2023 for a value of $39 billionOf these resources, more than $12 billion were transferred to the Trust and this in turn gave the contractor $2,950 million after the delivery of the respective work records, resources with which a little more than 5% of the project has been advanced. construction site.

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