How did the lost children survive in the Guaviare jungle?

How did the lost children survive in the Guaviare jungle?
How did the lost children survive in the Guaviare jungle?

After a miraculous rescue, Aerocivil has revealed details about the survival of the 4 children for 40 days in the dense Guaviare jungle after a tragic small plane accident.

The drama began on May 1, 2023, when a small plane covering the Araracuara–San José del Guaviare route crashed.

Although the pilot, Hernando Murcia Morales, the director of the Yetara foundation Herman Mendoza Hernández and the children’s mother, Magdalena Mucutuy Valencia, died in the accident, the four children, aged between 1 and 13, managed to survive.

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The story of their survival has surprised many, given the hostile environment in which they found themselves.

In a wooded area that is difficult to access and with imminent dangers due to the presence of wild animals such as jaguars and poisonous snakes, the children demonstrated incredible resistance and bravery.

According to the report presented by Aerocivil, the older sister, just 13 years old, played an important role in the group’s survival.

The older sister was in charge of taking care of the most children in the Guaviare Jungle:

After the impact, he managed to rescue his brothers and find safe places to rest, despite the injuries sustained in the accident.

One of the most distressing moments was the rescue of the youngest sister, only one year old, who was trapped under the body of her deceased mother.

The brave teenager, despite her own injuries, managed to free her sister and care for her over the next few days, even using the plane’s emergency supplies to treat her injuries.

Despite the difficulties, the children’s determination remained firm, even when days passed without finding the food kits released by the Army.

Although they heard voices, including their grandmother’s, they chose not to follow them due to their beliefs about possible dangers in the jungle.

The mystery about the little dog ‘Wilson’, left by the Army to help in the search, was finally resolved: the children never encountered the animal.

The rescue of these brave children has moved all of Colombia and their survival story remained in popular memory.

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