Walter Cortés: “What is needed here is to project the city for 50 years, otherwise Bariloche has no destiny”

He knew of the difficulties he was going to encounter, but Mayor Walter Cortés also declared himself surprised by the size of the “bureaucracy” that he has to administer in the municipality. and that he hopes to overcome to give Bariloche a decisive push in terms of public works.

He imposed on himself that his legacy in this matter be different and superior to that of his predecessors and he expressed this in dialogue with this medium when reviewing his first 140 days in office. The excuse for the balance was the birthday of the city that will govern until 2027, after winning the last elections with a party with a local imprint and with a modest harvest of votes, favored by the dispersion of traditional political forces.

Walter Cortés assumed the mayorship last December with many challenges due to the economic context. Photo: Chino Leiva

In Cortés’ opinion, “What is needed here is to project the city for 50 years, otherwise Bariloche has no destiny.” He said that as an example “you can see what happened in the west, there are only two streets. Nobody thought about creating a road network for another town. And today you are late everywhere.”

Said In his government, the priority is placed on “giving great importance to public works.” Although for now all the ones it has running or in the pipeline are low scale. “In 20 days we are going to inaugurate Prayel Street,” said Cortés. This is a new road that will connect the heart of Alto with Miramar Street and Campichuelo, to go west, without passing through the junction at the Changomás roundabout.

He also mentioned the work “already tendered” for connect 9 de Julio with the San Francisco III neighborhood through a descent along the Ñireco wall and soil studies are underway to build the missing foundations and inaugurate the Wiederhold Street bridge over the Ñireco stream as soon as possible.

Commitment to finish the asphalt of Route 79

The mayor also committed to finish the asphalt of route 79 to enter Cathedral from Puerto Moreno (for which he must first settle a debt with the executing company) and announced that “in 25 to 30 days” he will inaugurate the so-called “gym 5”, at kilometer 13,400 of Bustillo. Both works were started by his predecessor Gustavo Gennuso.

“Companies that benefit from urban planning parameters or other municipal decisions have to leave something to Bariloche.”

Walter Cortés, mayor.

Other plans of the mayor/union member are the construction of two covered pools and a closed stadium for shows on the grounds of the municipal velodrome. “Many of these things I am going to do with exchange. Companies that benefit from urban planning parameters or other municipal decisions have to leave something to Bariloche,” he assured.

Route 79 (old road to Cathedral) has completed its first stage and the second section remains until the connection with Bustillo. Photo: Chino Leiva

Asked about the need for each of these projects to go through the Council, Cortés said that Those rules are made more flexible by the Emergency ordinance and he plans to take advantage of it. It has a one year term.

Lots with services

One of his most bombastic promises during the campaign was to thoroughly attack the housing problem. He spoke of generating thousands of social lots “with services” and said that he already had pre-agreements with private parties to obtain the lands.

Now he assured that This month they will begin with “the demarcation” of land for the first 1,500 lots “on Tank lands”, on the Beltway route. He assured that “the developer will have his own lot” and will give a portion to the municipality, with the commitment to build water and electricity works for everyone. “You’re going to see that what I said is true, the problem is that you don’t believe me,” Cortés said in response to the first signs of impatience with the volatility of his announcements.

Transit and transportation

You also know that Another sensitive issue has to do with traffic and transportation. He defended the latest rate increase for buses and assured that “there is no other solution” than to charge a greater part of the cost on users, because the Nation withdrew its support and the contributions of the municipal State have a limit.

Transportation is one of the problems facing the current administration, due to the removal of subsidies. Archive

He also said that To improve the numbers, they will focus on “avoiding the harassment” of those who travel for free with student or disability permits, without meeting the conditions.

About the solution sought in other locations through A tax on Cortés fuels made it less important. “YPF has already started to object to that and everything is going to go backwards,” he stated.

He announced that he will soon send the Council a project to release the taxi fare and “let it be regulated by the market,” that is, that the price is freely agreed upon by the driver and the passenger “as happens with applications.”

The idea of ​​the tram was left behind

Regarding another of the promises shelved for now, that of installing a tram, Cortés said that “the Chinese studies were there, but Milei got angry and bye.” According to the mayor, the president’s attitude towards the Asian country cooled the relationship with a company that was interested in making the investment to build an electric tram between the center and kilometer 9, and recovering it with a 20-year contract.

His central concern, he said, is to design a more neat and efficient State.. According to what he said, before entering office he thought that he would be in charge of “a different, more orderly and dynamic municipality.” But he found procedures and demands that seemed absurd to him. “To buy this glass, months,” he said.

The mayor wants another Organic Charter

In addition to elaborating on his works projects for the city, Mayor Walter Cortés spoke about the economy – “despite the situation, collection is quite good, with 70% compliance” – and He suggested some changes that he would like to incorporate into the municipal Charter.

Walter Cortés, mayor of Bariloche.

The Municipal Organic Charter must be completely renovated in 2027and the mayor began to outline some proposals.

He pointed out as a point against the fact that municipal elections are held obligatorily at the beginning of September, three months before the inauguration. “I would put it at 15 days, no more,” he proposed. Otherwise the government that leaves you will leave you with a mess of debts, of commitments.”

Also wants to modify “the acquisition scheme. For everything you have to go through the Court of Comptroller and the Council.” These types of restrictions exist in all areas of the State – he acknowledged – and are increasingly circumvented through “emergency” laws or ordinances that are temporary. The mayor would like to regulate them permanently.

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