Message to FIFA and IFAB: The football rule that Óscar Córdoba would eliminate

Message to FIFA and IFAB: The football rule that Óscar Córdoba would eliminate
Message to FIFA and IFAB: The football rule that Óscar Córdoba would eliminate

When Oscar When it comes to football, you have to stop what you are doing and pay close attention. Not for nothing was he champion of the Copa América and played two World Cups with the Colombia selection. On this occasion, the former goalkeeper decided to reveal the rule that he would eliminate in football. Message for the FIFA and the IFAB!

Córdoba was on the Tropicana station and one of the questions they asked him was who they considered to be the five best goalkeepers in the history of the Colombian National Team. After first place, Óscar left his order up in the air, but he gave important names.

Pedro Zape it is the first one. Among the three of Faryd Mondragon, Miguel Calero and Oscar CordobaFor me the most complete was Miguel. A complete show. Rene Higuita It changed our way of thinking and convinced us Colombians that we could be national team goalkeepers. Then comes the moment of David Ospina, he only accumulates the number of games that Faryd, Miguel and I have”he claimed Cordova on the Tropicana station.

After being interviewed on air, the dynamic of rapid-fire questions arrived in the hallways of Tropicana. Óscar Córdoba’s answers would give something to talk about. They Asked what I thought about Emiliano ‘Draw’ Martinez and the message was forceful after the warning that the Argentine goalkeeper gave to Colombia and all the rivals in the Copa America 2024.

Óscar Córdoba was champion of the 2001 Copa América. (Photo: Imago)

Another of Córdoba’s responses that surprised was the one in which he chose the best fan between the Colombian and the Argentine: “The Argentine fans know and understand football, they are passionate about football. We Colombians are snobbish. Today we are fine, so we had a good time. Today is cycling, tomorrow is cycling”. Now, it was time to know which soccer rule would you change?.

Message to FIFA and IFAB: The football rule that Córdoba would eliminate

With the aim of ending those plays that are defined by a very small margin, Óscar Córdoba was forceful when responding on the Tropicana station to the rule that he would eliminate in the world of football: The millimeter out of place. It should be that if he is on the line or an inch away he continues playing. It would have to be at least one body ahead.. A message that FIFA and IFAB have already begun to contemplate.

The out of place that Córdoba asks for is already tested

FIFA and IFAB (International Football Association Board for its acronym in English), the entity that determines the rules in football, decided from July 2023 to begin pilot tests in the men’s U-21 and women’s U-19 categories in Sweden to consider eliminating the rule that Córdoba does not like. . If approved, The offside would only be sanctioned if the player has his entire body forward. and not just a part.

Survey How do you like out of place better?

How do you like out of place better?

As is, only with a forward part

As Córdoba proposes, with the whole body forward


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