Picturesque celebration for the 120th anniversary of the Spanish Society of Villa Cañás

The Santa Fe city of Viilla Cañás was barely two years old, when the first Iberians settled in this area created the Spanish Mutual Aid Society.

One of the stained glass windows in homage to the Spanish in Villa Cañás.

On the occasion of this important commemoration, the descendants of those first settlers dress the southern city of Santa Fe in Spanish colors and carry out a series of activities to pay homage to the Spanish roots that set foot on that Canaan soil.


The Spanish Society has been broadcasting for days the different activities framed in this 120th anniversary.

From 04/22 to 05/03

– Display of objects and clothing and objects in shop windows from the following businesses: F21, Pandora by Bety Alvarez, La Barraca, Farmacia Crespo, Fulanos and Foto Studio Carrizo.

Day 2/05

At 10:30, in the Bosquecillos de los Inmigrantes, on 64th Street and 51st Avenue, an event was held to honor those Spaniards who came to the town to put down roots.

During this Thursday’s ceremony, a silhouette was also discovered “that represents the immigrant family, with the suitcase in which they brought part of their beloved Spain, the child in their arms as a certainty of the future and an open heart that suggests “That part of the soul remains in the homeland that is left behind in search of a better future,” reported the Municipality of Villa Cañás.

Descendants of Spaniards present at the event.

In addition, relatives of Spaniards planted olive trees in memory of their roots.

Day 4/05

At 10:30, Mass in the cemetery in front of the Social Pantheon of the Spanish and unveiling of plaques (in case of rain it is moved to the Parish).

Day 5/05

At 12:30, Lunch at the Volunteer Firefighters Hall (52nd Street) with presentation of presents and typical dance show.

Day 05/19

Starting at 11:00, we will be present at the Villa Cañás birthday celebration at the Mirtha Legrand property, with a Spanish stand where they will provide advice on applying for Spanish citizenship and selling typical Spanish cakes.

Reviewing history

“On May 1, 1904 in Villa Cañás, General López department, province of Santa Fe, Argentine Republic, the majority of the Spanish residents gathered in Assembly in Villa Cañás, in the house of Mr. Luis Conti, the session was declared open At 2:30 p.m., Dr. Baltasar Simo takes the floor, explaining the objective of the meeting, which was none other than to found a Spanish Mutual Aid Society.

The founding members immortalized on the institution's plaque.The founding members immortalized on the institution’s plaque.

Having approved the motion, the authorities were elected by secret vote, with Juan Blas Gastón obtaining twelve votes for president of the Board of Directors,” describes the founding document of those first settlers in this land.

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As part of this founding date, the Cañaseña Spanish Society reviews the documents that sealed the creation of the entity.

Mayor Gizzi and relatives of Spaniards next to the work discovered this Thursday in the Bosquecillos de los Inmigrantes.Mayor Gizzi and relatives of Spaniards next to the work discovered this Thursday in the Bosquecillos de los Inmigrantes.

In this way they shared with the community “which were the first families that founded and continued with the institution to get to where we are today,” they say.

Among the first families of Spanish immigrants living in Villa Cañás that multiplied over the years were: Olavarría – Gastón – Aramendi – Montoto – Sánchez – García Garabal – Garnelo – Miret – Prats – Borrás – Quetglas – Fourcade – Asenjo – Lorenzo – Pardo – Miralla – Gatius – Cudós – Feliu – Diez – Diaz – Compañs – Olavarría – Serra – Aruz – Abello – Alfonso – Iñiguez – Beltrán – Santandreu – Conde – Quintana – Llovet – Guillaumet – Suárez – Gómez – Moscetta – Baldomá – Peralta – De Dios – Perez – Garate – González – Puerta – March – Rodriguez – Grigera – Stellrich – Berbesé – Viola – Domingo – Benso – Bell Caire – Solé – Millán – Echeverría – Sabaté – Solá – Carrizo – López – Fontana – Torres – Painter – Piñeiro – Ballesteros – Carena – Jaime – Pedraza – Goya – Carreras – Urbano – Correa – De la Riva – Alvarez – Maciel – Galván – Capdevila – Gutierrez – De Miguel – Danadeu – Rodeiro – Rubiolo – Orellano – Gurría – Labari – Quintana – Merayo – Farrando – Perez Barber – Orellano – Arteaga – Pepe – Ortiz – Balmaceda – Rocha – Muñoz – Oviedo – Otal – Perera – Catalá – Trepat – Alonso – Tellería – Feijóo – Benso – Uriz – Quintana – Zuluaga – Montes – Campás – Ferradas – Mateu – Piñeiro – Galván – Más – Alós – Pujol – Esperanza – Rubilo – Montoya – Uriz – Rivada – Quiña – Jora – Calafat – Adrover – Arbones – Armesto – Arro – Beltrán – Bosch – Burgués – Casals – Cifre – Cuffre – De Miguel – Domingo – Estevez – Fluxa – Gallego – Ivars – Majos – Marcotegui – Mercader – Pons – Posadas – Rojas – Texidó – Torres – Vázquez – Vergé – Vidal – Morey – Calafat – Villareal and many more.

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