The Nexo PyME Córdoba program was launched


The Ministry of Production, Science and Technological Innovation of the province of Córdoba launched the “Nexo Pyme Córdoba” program in the city of Río Cuarto.

The initiative, promoted by the SME Undersecretariat, seeks to provide a single meeting point that brings together all the information necessary for the Córdoba productive network.

Through a web portalall the information on programs, benefits, training and financing lines available for SMEs and entrepreneurs in the province is grouped together.

It is an essential tool to strengthen the entrepreneurial and SME ecosystem in Córdoba, promoting competitiveness and economic development.

The city of Río Cuarto is an important industrial and commercial hub of the province, so Nexo Pyme Córdoba will have a significant impact on the economic development of the region.

In this way, the Government of Córdoba reiterates its commitment to supporting SMEs and entrepreneurs, as fundamental drivers of the economic and social growth of the province.

What does Nexo Pyme Córdoba offer?

  • Program Information: Access to a wide range of government programs aimed at supporting the growth and competitiveness of SMEs, from improving productivity to promoting innovation and internationalization.
  • Benefits: Information on tax benefits, incentives and subsidies available, including programs that promote investment, job creation and regional development.
  • Trainings: Access to courses, workshops and seminars designed to improve business skills, optimize business management and adapt to an ever-changing competitive environment.
  • Financing lines: Information on different lines of credit from provincial and national entities that enable improvements in the productivity of SMEs and contribute to the sustainable economic growth of the province.

The launch of the program in Río Cuarto had the participation of the Secretary of Industrial Parks, Álvaro García, the Director of Support for Small Business, Santiago Peralta; SME Director, Gustavo Correa; regional mayors; representatives of CECIS, and more than 40 agents from the productive sector of Río Cuarto and the region.

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