Little Mucutuy brothers were able to be rescued thanks to a key object: what is it about?

Little Mucutuy brothers were able to be rescued thanks to a key object: what is it about?
Little Mucutuy brothers were able to be rescued thanks to a key object: what is it about?

He rescue of the Mucutuy brothersthe little ones who survived 40 days in the Guaviare jungle, It shocked all of Colombia. This Thursday, May 2, new details of the case were known.

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In the information provided by the Civil Aeronautics, it was detailed that a steering wheel was key for the minors to be located.

The Mucutuy brothers found one of those papers on their journey. “The flyer said ‘stay still in one place’ and that was what made it easier to locate them. On the 30th they remained still in the place where they were finally found.”indicated the technical director of research at Aerocivil, Miguel Ángel Camacho.

This was the journey of the Mucutuy brothers

The Colombian Institute of Family Welfare interviewed Lesly, the oldest of the Mucutuy siblings, who, according to Camacho, “showed the maturity of an adult to survive such a hostile environment.”

The little girl shared that she kept track of the days, in addition to detailing that it was knocked out, with a head injury, after the plane crash.

The children remained at the scene of the incident for two days, and from the aircraft They took items such as a survival kit, food, water, clothing and the documents of the adults.

Realizing that no one was coming in search of them, the little brothers set off towards the Apaporis River, an aspect that highlights the good orientation of Lesly Mucutuy.

The little ones They arrived with serious limitations to the watercoursesince the eldest of them also suffered an injury to the back of her right leg, which limited her mobility in the area.

Upon reaching the river, the minors managed to fish and managed to get raw fish, which they ate, but they did not like it.

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When the food they had taken from the plane ran out, the little ones took advantage of the corozo that fell from the palm trees in the jungle, fruit that became their daily food during the 40 days of survival.

According to Lesly’s story, when they realized that the river no longer offered them favorable conditions, the Mucutuy brothers entered the jungle again to look for nearby towns; However, they arrived unplanned at the accident site.

The official pointed out that the little ones “were afraid to make noise or get close because of the animals, They were not accompanied by other humans or caninesbut they did find fauna, snakes, a tapir, a large turtle.”

With that, it would be distorted that Wilson, the dog of the FF. MM. who was lost in the search for the Mucutuy children, would have been with the brothers, as was said after their rescue.

The miracle came on June 9, the day the children were found by a group of indigenous people who participated in the search. “That same night the Air Force rescued them, stabilized them and transferred them to Bogotá,” Camacho concluded.

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