The war in Cauca has not been lost: senior advisor of Cric

The war in Cauca has not been lost: senior advisor of Cric
The war in Cauca has not been lost: senior advisor of Cric

After the kidnapping of two young people in Corinth, Cauca, and other events that altered public order, the senior advisor of Regional Indigenous Council of CaucaCric, Yesid Condawent through the microphones of La W to reject the actions of illegal armed groups that dispute territorial control.

Conda stated that the young people were kidnapped when they were at their workplace by armed individuals who took them to an unknown location.

“Until now we do not know which of the two groups that are fighting for territorial control, the 57th Front or the Dogoberto Ramos, of the FARC dissidentskidnapped the victims,” said Conda.

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Last week, two young indigenous people had been kidnapped in eastern Cauca.

“These groups continue with extortion, promoting illicit economies, charging for vaccines and generating fear and anxiety that alter the order and harmony in the ancestral territories”he explained.

In this space and in the face of the constant violent actions perpetrated by armed actors, the counselor pointed out that, despite the difficult situation, the war has not been lost in Cauca.

“So far as organizational processes, we believe that there may be an option, a window; as long as the national peace table is decentralized and the department of Cauca is given another look, not only military presence, which other governments have always imposedbut the institutional presence to solve social problems has not occurred,” said Conda.

Likewise, he stated that the second phase is missing to resolve structural problems, such as illicit economies, connecting the national development plan with the departmental one.

The counselor highlighted the effort and courage of the indigenous and peasant communities who, through the civil exercise of self-protection and defense of the territory, have rejected violent actions; on occasions they have expelled the illegal armed actors and legal and have demanded that civilians be left out of the conflict.

Finally, the Cric advisor, Yesid Condapointed out that, if two parallel dialogue tables are presented, one with the FARC dissidents in Cauca and another outside the region, it should be carried out as a pilot project, but conditioned on speed on the part of the Government to comply with the agreements that real wishes are signed and expressed by armed groups, such as non-kidnapping and the immediate release of those who are being held deprived of their liberty.

Listen to the full interview below:

The war in Cauca has not been lost: senior advisor of Cric

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