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With a last-minute imponderable, Los Infernales had to go out onto the field without one of their scorers, the native of El Galpón, Diego Peralta, suffered a gastroenteritis problem that sidelined him from the momentous clash.

Despite the large absence, Ricardo De Cecco’s team from Salta stood up, as in the two games played in Córdoba, and once again made the powerful Atenas uncomfortable. Unlike the northerners, among the Cordobans, one of their good strongholds, former Salta Basket, point guard Nico Zurschmitten, returned to the starting quintet.

In the first two periods Agustín Jara and Lucio Castellani were intractable in Salta, while on the visit Montero from Santiago was on fire on offense. Beautiful actions that the Salta public was able to enjoy in the second division of Argentine basketball.

At halftime, the Salta Basket leadership took advantage of the beautiful setting to give a present first to the number one in world paddle tennis, Maxi Arce from Salta, a follower of Los Infernales, and then to the emblems of Salta basketball, members of the provincial team that was crowned in the 1974 Argentine championship, 50 years of such an epic passed.

Without removing the footprint until the end of the lawsuit, the definition was once again for a heart attack. With 40 seconds remaining, Salta was ahead by the slightest (79-78), after a three-pointer by Montero from Santiago. In the next action Jara penetrated the area, made a feint in the land of giants, rose and with his body backwards scored to make the Delmi explode.

With 25 seconds left, Atenas prepared its strategy and took the field (81-78). Zurschmitten faced without much problem and once again left the Greek down by the bare minimum. There were 14 seconds left when Montero fouled Castellani in the middle of the court who capitalized on the shots. Tremendous finale at Delmi.

As if the testosterone at that point of the night was not enough, Arn appeared and from 6.75 meters he nailed a triple to tie the match at 83 and silence the Salta sports center. Salta could not convert and the game went to extra time.

In the five extra minutes there were no differences either, although Salta could have taken a slight advantage to finish more comfortably, the Greek always responded and the match ended very close in favor of the local team. Huge Salta party broke out in Delmi. With this result, Salta Basket took a 2-1 lead in the series and was one victory away from the next round. The fourth game will be this Saturday, also in Salta.

Report and photos: Salta Basket Press

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