A general who led military operations in Hugo Chávez’s Venezuela dies in Cuba

A general who led military operations in Hugo Chávez’s Venezuela dies in Cuba
A general who led military operations in Hugo Chávez’s Venezuela dies in Cuba

The major general of the Cuban reserve Leonardo Ramón Andollo Valdésaccused of directing military operations in Venezuela during the Government of Hugo Chávez, passed away In the Habana.

The news was given by the official Prensa Latina agency, which did not mention when the death occurred or its cause. On the other hand, that report barely made any reference to the fact that Esteban Lazo, president of the National Assembly of People’s Power, and Roberto Morales Ojeda, Secretary of Organization of the Communist Party of Cuba, regretted the death.


Later, Miguel Díaz-Canel joined in the condolences, and https://twitter.com/DiazCanelB/status/1786445143001731559 in his social network profile that the soldier “served Cuba until his last breath, in the most diverse missions.”

Andollo Valdés was accused in 2012 before the Venezuelan Prosecutor’s Office for having supervised meetings of the Venezuelan military high command. At that time, he was the second chief of the Cuban General Staff. The complaint was supported with photos, recordings and videos that showed the Cuban soldier in those meetings.

The retired general of Venezuela, Antonio Rivero, then assured that this was a “clear interference and violation of the sovereignty of Venezuela. (…) There may be military exchange agreements with other countries, but in no case can there be activities that only concern the security and defense of a country,” he said in an interview with Martí News.

“In these meetings they talk about security and defense, fortifications, matters that strictly correspond to the Armed Forces of this country,” Rivero stressed.

“There are more than 80 photographs that I submitted to the Public Ministry, and recordings that I was able to listen to with Venezuelan generals, participating in a meeting of the Cuban Strategic Group, which is known as GRUCE,” said the Venezuelan military officer, in reference to the evidence in his possession. .

In 2010, General Rivero had made a first complaint about the same issue before the Public Ministry, with several photos, which in his opinion violated Venezuelan laws, but he was later suspended from his position and subject to a process for violation of confidentiality.

Due to the above, the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba included Andollo Valdés in his directory of Cuban repressors.

In the biography of the Cuban general, published by the official encyclopedia Ecured, it is known that he was born on November 6, 1945 in Cerro, Havana. That is, he died at 78 years old.

He entered the National Revolutionary Militias in 1960, was the supervisor of the school where he studied, the Pitman Academy, and in 1962 he entered the emerging course of the Command and General Staff specialty of the engineering troops in the Soviet .

In 1970, Fidel Castro ordered him to travel abroad with the mission of purchasing equipment to accelerate new construction of fortifications and introduce new military technologies. Four years later, again in the USSR, he enrolled in the higher course of the Military Academy of the General Staff Voroshilov, the highest level operational-strategic course that the Soviets had. Upon completion, this was chosen as the second best course in the entire Academy.

In 1977 he traveled to Ethiopia, as part of the first military intervention group from Havana in that country. According to Ecuredthere “he had the opportunity to participate in a military political process from the highest level”, as Chief of Staff of the Mission.

He himself told the official journalist Luis Báez, for the book Secrets of generalsthat He was also a military advisor and operational head in Yemen.

In 1989 he was promoted to brigadier general, until in 1997 he became second chief of the General Staff.

In 2016, he led the intervention by the Cuban military business conglomerate, GAESA, of the business network created by Eusebio Leal, Habaguanex SA.

In addition, was second boss of the Permanent Commission for the Implementation and Development of the Ordering Taskapplied in January 2021, and which led to the ruin of numerous Cuban homes and the beginning of the harsh economic crisis that has only worsened to this day.

His daughter, the Cuban diver Deborah Andollo, resides in Mexico.

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