Misiones highlights its legacy of tolerance and peace by receiving a sample about the Holocaust

Representatives of the German Foundation Stiftung Verbundenheit visited the Legislature with the purpose of coordinating the realization of the exhibition “A name. A destination. A Stolpersteine ​​person”, which will soon be exhibited in the missionary Parliament.

The reception was headed by the president of the Chamber of Representatives of Misiones, Oscar Herrera Ahuad; the president of the bloc of renewal deputies, Martín Cesino; and deputy Carolina Butvilofsky; along with other officials and representatives of the German community in Argentina.

During the meeting, Misiones’ commitment to promoting peace and intercultural coexistence was highlighted, as well as the relevance of this exhibition in a context where it is crucial to remember and learn from the mistakes of the past.

The Stiftung Verbundenheit Foundation, dedicated to connecting with German minorities abroad, brought with it this exhibition, endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the German Parliament, with the aim of strengthening cultural ties and remembering the horrors of the Holocaust through the Stolpersteine, memorial stones placed on the sidewalks of Germany in honor of the victims. This exhibition is considered one of the greatest works of memory in the world.

The choice of Misiones to start this traveling exhibition was not coincidental. With a significant population of German descendants and a history of peaceful coexistence between various ethnicities, the province stands as an example of tolerance and respect. In addition, it has two German consulates and six institutions dedicated to teaching the German language and culture, underlining its importance in the link between both countries.

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Marco Just Quiles, General Director of the Stiftung Verbundenheit, expressed his gratitude to Misiones for its warm welcome and its commitment to promoting historical memory and tolerance. “Misiones has a very important legacy of German descendants and an admirable openness on the part of its institutions. “This exhibition represents an opportunity to strengthen ties between the German community and Argentina, as well as to promote a culture of responsible memory,” he noted.

Representative Carolina Butvilofsky, facilitator of the exchange, highlighted the importance of this visit and the exhibition, and pointed out that Misiones is a pioneer in receiving this exhibition. “The exhibition will tour different locations in the province over the next two months, carrying with it a message of memory and tolerance in a world that still faces challenges in terms of human rights and peaceful coexistence,” she said.

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