Harvest preview: the 2024 sugar campaign has started

Harvest preview: the 2024 sugar campaign has started
Harvest preview: the 2024 sugar campaign has started

According to the reports provided to the Institute for the Promotion of Sugar and Alcohol of Tucumán (IPAAT), the La Florida mill (the only one in activity) reports grinding 83,045 tons of raw cane, generating a production of 3,885 tons of physical sugar – only found producing raw sugar.

However, during this week, the mill’s milling activity was partly affected by climatic precipitation, which has made it difficult for the machines to access the full field.

Regarding the start of the harvest in the other factories, it is reported that the Cruz Alta, Aguilares and Leales sugar mills have already carried out their fruit blessing ceremonies, thus marking the beginning of their harvest season in the coming days.

In addition, it is estimated that another eight industries will begin their activity during the first fortnight of May, while the remaining ones will do so during the second fortnight of said month. Only one factory reported that it will begin grinding at the beginning of June.

On the other hand, the sugar mills of Concepción, Leales and La Florida continue to produce alcohol for biofuels.

Outlook for this harvest season

According to experts consulted in the sector, there are promising signs that suggest that the 2024 harvest will be very productive. The fourteen sugar mills distributed in the different departments of the province have carried out exhaustive maintenance and repair work during the inter-harvest period, both in the sugar factories and in their distilleries.

Furthermore, this process will be supported by an increase in the production of sugar and alcohol due to the increase in planted hectares, as well as the varietal change implemented and the favorable climatic conditions experienced during the crop cycle.

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