The Entre Ríos government announced the reactivation of public works

The Entre Ríos government announced the reactivation of public works
The Entre Ríos government announced the reactivation of public works

Governor Rogelio Frigerio announced the reactivation of public works in Entre Ríos. The agreed mechanism guarantees the flow of funds to reactivate the works that the new government administration received with 20,000 million pesos of debt and without the necessary financing to carry them out.

They will also work on a strategic infrastructure plan together with the private sector.

The reactivation of the works is the culmination of a work process that began as soon as the new management began.

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The president made the announcement after the meeting in which members of the Construction Chamber, of the Construction Workers Union (Uocra) and the Ministry of Planning, Infrastructure and Services of Entre Ríos.

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In this framework, Frigerio valued the agreement that will allow “de-neutralizing public works and the financial flow.”

“Many times, in the past, the private sector worked on infrastructure programs and plans. But when they approached the government, they always ended up shelved. That is not going to happen anymore. This same year we are going to raise to the Legislature for its treatment a plan agreed upon by all to transform it into law and a State Policy that transcends successive governments,” Frigerio stated.

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For his part, the Minister of Planning, Infrastructure and Services, Darío Schneider, said that “this is a first step to be able resume prioritized public works and value the unprecedented sanitation work that we have carried out in the ministry regarding the financial health of the works.

“The prioritization is put in works with a high degree of building progress, with a focus on road, educational, health infrastructure and strategic projects where its failure to advance would generate its deterioration and would imply more costs for all Entre Ríos residents,” Schneider explained.

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Later, Frigerio also received leaders of the Industrial Union of Entre Ríos (UIER), the Trade and Grain Exchanges, he Business Council, the Colleges of Engineers, Architects and Brokers, and the Agrarian Federation (FAA), with whom they advanced in a dialogue table to strategically plan the public works of the province.

The dialogue table was also attended by the Minister of Treasury and Finance, Julio Panceri, the directors of Provincial Roads (DPV), Exequiel Donda, and the Autonomous Institute of Planning and Housing (IAPV), Manuel Schönhals, and the coordinator of the Provincial Execution Unit (UEP), Gustavo Cusinato; among other officials.

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