The coffee farmer who is committed to regenerative agriculture in Antioquia

Green Coffee Company seeks to be the largest producer of Arabica coffee.

Photo: Green Coffee Company

A financing of $30,000 million was received by the coffee grower Green Coffee Company, which has committed to responsible regenerative agriculture practices to mitigate the effects of climate change and which seeks to become one of the main producers of Arabica coffee, which is currently planted in the southwest. Antioquian.

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The company, which has a presence in seven municipalities in the department, has focused on investment in innovation, development and technology, circular economy processes with which it gives greater value to the region’s coffee beans and assistance to local producers.

“Today we generate more than 450 direct jobs, nearly 3,000 indirect jobs, and about 500 coffee growers associated with our cherry coffee supply chain who receive better compensation for their work,” said the company, considered the largest coffee producer in Colombia.

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Their goals are bigger, with two coffee processing plants in the southwest of Antioquia, they seek to become the largest producer of Arabica coffee in the world, based on regenerative agricultural practices. This allowed them to access sustainable credit from BBVA for $30,000 million, to continue developing their activity on a large scale.

“This year we are dedicated to increasing coffee cherry purchases, going from 11.7 million kilos of cherries in 2023 to an estimated 35 million kilos. To expand that base to some 3,000 associated growers, delivering the cherry to us at our purchasing points in southwest Antioquia; This will allow us to export around 7 million kilograms of green coffee for our customers,” the company’s CEO, Boris Wullner, told Portafolio.

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