They announce a new teaching strike in Entre Ríos

A new teaching strike will take place in Entre Ríos. The force measure will be carried out next week, in the midst of the brutal adjustment that the national government is carrying out to workers – in education in particular, but in general – and to retirees. The strike will last 24 hours.

Teacher strike in Entre Ríos: who stops and when

According to what was reported to AHORA, the provincial sections of the Sadop guilds -private teachers-; AMET -technicians- and UDA decided to carry out a 24-hour teaching strikein line with the general strike that the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) will carry out throughout the country, given that they are grassroots unions of the workers’ confederation.

The measure of force was announced just one day after CGT leaders met with the government. It is in disagreement with the Base Law and the Labor Reform that is promoted there.

Agmer, The main teachers union in the province, for the moment has not announced that it will join the CGT strike, given that it is a grassroots union of Ctera, which is part of the Central Workers of Argentina (CTA),



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