The Argentine Government repudiated the statements of the Minister of Transportation, who accused Milei of “ingesting substances”

The Argentine Government repudiated the statements of the Minister of Transportation, who accused Milei of “ingesting substances”
The Argentine Government repudiated the statements of the Minister of Transportation, who accused Milei of “ingesting substances”

The Argentine Government published this Friday a very harsh statement repudiation against the Minister of Transport of SpainÓscar Puente, who had said that Javier Milei “ingested substances”. The Government’s response came through a strong defense issued by the Office of the President, in which they crossed the president of the government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, with whom Milei has a very bad relationship. “She has (Sánchez) more important problems to deal with, such as the accusations of corruption that fall on his wife,” the Presidency wrote in the official communication.

“The Office of the President repudiates the slander and insults formulated by the Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility of Spain, Óscar Puente, against Javier Milei,” begins the official statement from the Government this Friday, less than two weeks before the trip that the Argentine president will make to Madrid, to participate in an activity with Santiago Abascal, leader of Vox, the Spanish far-right party and Sánchez’s archenemy.

In what Presidency sources described as a text worked on “as a team”, the statement maintains: “Pedro Sánchez’s government has more important problems to deal with, such as the corruption accusations that fall on his wife, an issue that even led him to evaluate his resignation. For the good of the Kingdom of Spain, we hope that justice acts quickly to clarify such a corruption scandal that directly affects the stability of your Nation and, consequently, relations with our country,” adds the text released this Friday.

The Argentine Presidency’s phrase made reference to Begoña Gómez, Sánchez’s partner for more than 20 years, who is being investigated for alleged influence peddling and corruption, which led the Spanish chief executive to make some controversial moves. Days ago, unexpectedly, the leader of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) announced that he was taking a leave of absence for a few days to decide whether he would continue in his position or resign, although he later returned recharged because he not only decided to stay but also showed himself willing to return. to run in another election.

The Presidency sharpened its questions against the head of the Executive of Spain, very close to Alberto Fernández. During the last Argentine electoral campaign, Sánchez supported the ruling Kirchnerist candidate, former Minister of Economy Sergio Massa, with a video. “In the face of stridency (by Milei), Sergio Massa represents tolerance and dialogue,” he said.

In the official text, the Milei Government also takes a position in the Spanish political competition and reinforces its preference for Sánchez and socialism to lose in the next elections.


Oscar Puente, from the PSOE, spoke about the Argentine president in a round table where social networks and politics were discussed.

With the PSOE government, which does not tolerate Milei’s popularity in Spain and his links with Abascal – the Argentine president did not even ask to see the head of the Executive on the trip he will make to Spain on May 17 – there were several chapters of tension. At the Davos Economic Forum, Sánchez gave a speech completely contrary to Milei, strongly highlighting the need for the State to have a strong presence in a country.

Furthermore, as he learned Clarionwhen the Minister of Justice, Mariano Cúneo Libarona, was in Spain, his Hispanic counterpart, Félix Bolaños, did not want to receive him.

“Pedro Sánchez has endangered the unity of the Kingdom, agreeing with separatists and leading to the dissolution of Spain; he has put Spanish women at risk by allowing the illegal immigration of those who threaten their physical integrity; and he has endangered the middle class with their socialist policies that only bring poverty and death“, they wrote from the Casa Rosada this Friday, raising the tension.

Pedro Sánchez and his wife Begoña Gómez. Photo EFE

“We Argentines choose to change the model that brought us misery and decadence. The same model that the Spanish Socialist Workers Party applies in its country. We hope that the Spanish people will soon choose to live in freedom again“, concludes the statement, getting involved in the internal politics of Spain.

The Minister of Transport had said at the III Government School organized by the PSOE: “There are very bad people who, being themselves, have reached the top.”

“Milei, for example, Trump… I don’t know if they will have advisors. I, of course, if Milei has advisors, I don’t think he listens much,” added the Sánchez official. “I have seen Milei on TV, and as I was hearing him, do you remember? The thing about… When he came out, I don’t know in what state and prior to ingesting or after ingesting what substances, but he came out to say that, what he said, a few days before… I said: ‘It is impossible for him to win the elections, it is impossible for a guy… Today he has dug his grave! Well no,'” said the minister , vaguely, about Milei.

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