He was fighting with another man and then went to buy a chef’s knife to kill his rival in the center of Illapel

He was fighting with another man and then went to buy a chef’s knife to kill his rival in the center of Illapel
He was fighting with another man and then went to buy a chef’s knife to kill his rival in the center of Illapel

What happened?

There is concern among the inhabitants of the commune of Illapellocated in the Coquimbo region, after a brutal murder recorded in the center Last monday.

The incident dates back to 11:30 a.m. on April 29, when on Buin Street with Ignacio Silva two people got into an argument: it was a chilean mana well-known street vendor in the sector, and a Venezuelan citizen.

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The fight was captured by passers-by and It went widely viral on social networks. According to the Public Ministry, and for reasons that are being investigated, the foreign individual attacked the other person involved with blows with his feet and fists.


He bought a chef’s knife to kill his victim

However, his actions would not end there, since, not satisfied with what he had already done, he determined that he had to put an end to the fight. This is why he turned to buy a knife.

He prosecutor Cristián Arcosfrom the local Illapel Prosecutor’s Office, confirmed that “in order to kill the victim, he went to a commercial establishment on Constitución Street and He bought a chef’s knife with a 23-centimeter blade and then, armed with said weapon, went out in search of it.“.

In that context, and around 12:30 p.m., the subject in question he pounced on the Chilean to stab him in the chest.

Although he did not achieve his goal, the victim fell to the ground, at which time He took advantage of wounding him with the knife in both of his legs., all in sight and patience of those who passed by that place. The affected died when he was transferred to a health center, due to the severity of his injuries.

Involved was remanded in preventive detention

On Thursday, the formalization hearing was held for the Venezuelan citizen, identified with the initials FAMG. This is a 27-year-old man with a criminal record.

In the instance, prosecutor Arcos indicated that “in the opinion of the Prosecutor’s Office, this fact constitutes the crime of qualified homicideforeseen and sanctioned, with the circumstance of premeditation, where the quality of author is attributed.”

In view of the above, the Illapel Guarantee Court determined that the accused be placed under the precautionary measure of preventive detention for 90 daysstipulated period for the investigation.

“The fraud is clearly seen”

The judge in charge, Andrea Rojas Cortesasserted that thanks to “eyewitnesses, videos, including the same video that the defense itself has provided, the externalization of will, better known as ‘dolo’which is wanting to cause a result, which in this case is killing the victim.”

“The accused knocks down the victim in order to facilitate the attack. He also uses a suitable means to cause death: here you can see a large knife. She tries to stab her first in the neck and chest area, but it is unsuccessful and then she attacks him at least three times on her extremities, causing deep wounds. which causes bleeding,” she added.

The magistrate assured that “it cannot be ignored that this is an attack that is carried out on public roads in broad daylight, regardless of the large presence of pedestrians and vehicles at that moment. “The element used is a large knife and the accused takes advantage of the victim’s inability to defend himself from this violent attack for the purposes of the attack.”

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