In 60 days the first stage will be operational, with the transfer of the GSI to the site

In 60 days the first stage will be operational, with the transfer of the GSI to the site
In 60 days the first stage will be operational, with the transfer of the GSI to the site

New monitoring center: the first stage will be operational in 60 days, with the transfer of the GSI to the site

The new Monitoring Centerwhich will be located at one of the entrances to the city in the Barranquitas neighborhood, Its first stage will be operational in approximately 60 days. This first part will feature the transfer of the Institutional Security Guard (GSI) to the site which will be its new operational base.

The building is located next to the Santa Fe-Rosario highway, between Juan del Campillo and Estrada streets, where a recreational and training space previously operated. The place becomes even more relevant with the closure of the Highway Bridge for repair, because The entrance to the city is much busier. because Santo Tomesinos must use the highway to get to Santa Fe.

“That’s why we’re in more trouble than ever. Entering a city where the first thing you find is a place of safety is not the same as having a station that previously had another type of activity, more recreational, of a different nature. Seeing 13, 14 police and GSI mobile phones is not the same as seeing a station where actions that were more related to social policies were carried out,” said the Secretary of Government of the Municipality, Sebastián Mastropaolo, to UNO Santa Fe.

The commissioning of the space will be in stages, and they estimate in the first days of July to have the vans and the control center operational to trigger the orders from the GSI monitoring grids. For patrolling, which is already carried out jointly by the GSI and the Provincial Police, The location has the benefit of immediate access to Circunvalación Avenue and reach many neighborhoods of the city in a more agile way.

The Municipality is also waiting for the technology promised by the Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, who promised to send cameras and the technology of the Digital Ring, the electronic system that controls more than a million vehicles that enter cities through license plate reading cameras. The software allows you to identify how many vehicles enter and leave and whether they have an arrest warrant or apocryphal license plates.

Articulation with province

“We have already achieved milestones that have not been achieved for a long time, one of them is to increase the binomial to the GSi trucks and make 16 trucks operational. We bought seven, plus all the ones we had before,” highlighted Mastropaolo.

On the other hand, the official celebrated the agreement with the province that allowed joint monitoring of the security cameras of both entities. In this way, the municipality It went from having about 70 cameras to more than 400.

“The articulation in 911 has already been generated, because the GSI vans, the GSI operational bases and the monitoring center are today operated by a digital channel that is the Tetra equipment, which is a new communication technology that allows that digitally, through a channel that is exclusive to the security forces, we are linked. This allows us to have direct and instant automatic communication with 911 and the security forces,” said the secretary.

Regarding the acquisition of this equipment, Mastropaolo once again recognized the provincial management, since “The municipality cannot buy this equipment, because it does not have its own security force with police power.”

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