While he was sleeping with his partner on a platform, a street dweller was murdered in Bucaramanga

A man identified as Eduardo Rafael Olivares Enrique was murdered with nine wounds with a sharp weapon in the early morning hours, around Guarín Square in Bucaramanga.

Photo: supplied El Ojo Informativo / VANGUARDIA

The tragic death of Eduardo Rafael Olivares of 30 years of age, who was known as ‘El gato’, occurred at 4:18 am, this Saturday, May 4, on 32nd Street and 33rd Street in the Quinta Dania neighborhood of Bucaramanga.

It was learned that ‘El Gato’ was born in Venezuela and had arrived in Colombia a few years ago looking for better life opportunities, but when he did not find them he ended up living on the street.

A witness to his murder was his romantic partner, a woman who also arrived from the neighboring country, with whom he lived on the streets of Bucaramanga.

The woman told the Sijin uniformed officers of the Bucaramanga Metropolitan Police that ‘El Gato’ had had problems with a subject hours before his death. She told the uniformed officers that she did not know the identity of the subject.

“Around two in the morning, the inhabitant of informal housing goes to sleep with his romantic partner, where the aggressor arrives, taking advantage of the fact that the victim was asleep,” the Police indicated in the report.

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Photo: supplied El Ojo Informativo / VANGUARDIA

The aggressor had apparently arrived on a motorcycle, brandished a sharp weapon and repeatedly injured Eduardo Olivares.

According to the forensic report, there were nine wounds: six in the inner chest and three in the right arm.

The romantic partner was unharmed, but was able to observe some details of the aggressor.

“The eyewitness wakes up and only notices the escape of the aggressor. She describes him as a male person, who wears a flowered shirt. “He flees the scene on a motorcycle,” the Police said.

The injured man was helped by a police patrol that took him to the Santander University Hospital, HUS, where he died due to the severity of his injuries.

As part of the investigation to find the person responsible for this homicide, there is a Police surveillance camera in which the aggressor’s escape on a motorcycle towards the Morrorrico neighborhood was recorded.

The CTI of the Prosecutor’s Office was in charge of removing the body from the HUS and transferring it to the Institute of Legal Medicine in Bucaramanga.

On Labor Day they murdered another street dweller


According to the information provided by the Sijin of the Bucaramanga Metropolitan Police, the events occurred at kilometer 2 on the ring road between Girón and La Cemento.

At 6:10 am, on Wednesday, May 1, Edward Granados Durán, 41 years old, known as ‘Polvorita’, was murdered with a sharp weapon.

The homicide occurred in front of Centroabastos where a fight with a knife occurred. ‘Polvorita’, apparently, asked his attacker for a beer, which he refused. From there an argument begins, the subject injured Edward Granados with a sharp weapon.

“According to what was stated by an eyewitness, the victim approaches her attacker, who was consuming intoxicating beverages, and asks him to give her a beer. The aggressor does not give him the beer and also says foul words to him. At that moment, the victim takes the beer and throws it on the subject. Subsequently, this person goes in pursuit of Edward Granados and meters later he pulls out a sharp weapon and attacks him,” the police report stated.

According to the forensic report, there were four wounds: one in the right hand, one in the left forearm and two in the right supramammary region (chest).

The alleged murderer was identified as Jaime Yesid Díaz Niño, 35 years old, a cotero by profession. He tried to hide in the January 5 human settlement, but was captured by the Police.

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