Heavy snowfall continues in Bariloche and alerts apply for Río Negro, Neuquén and Chubut

Heavy snowfall continues in Bariloche and alerts apply for Río Negro, Neuquén and Chubut
Heavy snowfall continues in Bariloche and alerts apply for Río Negro, Neuquén and Chubut

Snow complicates traffic on National Route 40

Days after the first great snowfall of the year in Bariloche, a heavy fall of snow once again affected the city during the night of Friday and early Saturday morning. Simultaneously, other points of Black river, Neuquen and Chubut They are under alert.

The snow season came earlier this year. In fact, last Wednesday a heavy snowfall left dozens of trucks and cars stranded between Bariloche and The Baggins. As a result of this situation on the road, the use of chains was made mandatory in the high areas of the section. Drivers were also asked to be more careful when driving. This is due to the low grip to travel on the National Route 40.

On that occasion, there were also alerts for heavy snowfall in Neuquén and other parts of Río Negro. Now, the situation is repeated, since the National Meteorological Service (SMIN) He warned those provinces and part of Chubut.

In the last hours of Friday, a new snowfall was recorded in Bariloche, also affecting circulation on National Route 40 towards El Bolsón. For this very reason, National Roads issued a statement in which it requested motorists to drive with “extreme caution” when passing through that sector. In addition, they warned that the road has sections with “low grip”, so they reiterated the importance of using chains.

The snowfall affects the adhesion of vehicles to the asphalt, so they recommend driving with chains

On the other hand, they recommended driving at low speed and avoiding overtaking maneuvers, according to the information that the local media can access. Rio Negro Diary.

For Saturday, the SMN reported that important weather phenomena are expected for the area of ​​​​the mountain range of Pilcaniyeu and of Ñorquincó, in the Rio Negro territory. In those places, a yellow alert due to snowfall this morning and afternoon, as is also happening in Bariloche. Accumulated snow values ​​are expected to be around 30 and 45 cm.

In turn, they warned of the arrival of winds from the western sector in the afternoon, which will reach a speed of 60 and 75 kilometers per hour. However, some gusts could exceed 100 kilometers per hour.

Meanwhile, in Chubut, snowfall is expected to occur during the morning in the regions of Cushamen, Futaleufu, languing, Tehuelches.

The snowfall alerts that the SMN keeps active

The situation would be more complex in the mountain area of ​​Neuquén, which began the day on Saturday under Orange alert by storms. In some regions, the warning went to yellow level early in the morning, as is the case in Huliches, The car, The lakesand the south of aluminized.

Further towards the center of the province, the orange alert for snowfall will remain in force throughout the morning of Saturday and, towards the afternoon, its intensity would decrease. The accumulated snow projection varies between 50 and 75 cm. This can be seen in part of aluminized, Chos Malal, Loncopué, Mines, Picunches and Ñorquín.

In parallel, the SMN issued a yellow level warning for strong winds that will remain in force until the late afternoon, with speeds that will range between 60 and 75 kilometers per hour and gusts that would exceed 100 kilometers per hour.

In addition to the Patagonian provinces, there is a snowfall alert in another area of ​​the country, since in the Mendoza cities of Malargue and San Rafael Considerable snowfall is expected until this afternoon. This situation will be accompanied by reduced visibility due to suspended snow, since intense winds are also expected, especially in the high mountains.

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