Maximum pressure for Sunak | The Rioja

Maximum pressure for Sunak | The Rioja
Maximum pressure for Sunak | The Rioja

The results of the local elections in England and Wales confirmed the worst omens for the Conservative Party and place the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, under pressure that, in a year of general elections, will soon become unbearable. More yes to the prospects of debacle in Westminster is added to the threat of rebellion in their own ranks by parliamentarians who still aspire to keep their seats. Whether he decides to call the polls before or after the summer, the head of the Government will star in the final chapter of 14 years of ‘Tory’ power. The worst result in the municipal elections in forty years could soon be followed by a Labor victory as overwhelming as Blair’s in 1997. Desperate initiatives, such as the announcement of greater defense spending or the stubbornness to combat illegal immigration with the questioned plan deportations to Rwanda will no longer save the Tories from their erratic trajectory, nor will Sunak from becoming the latest in a long list of leaders fused by the divisive and impoverishing efforts of Brexit and responsible for a disastrous management evident in the pandemic and the loss of relevance of the United Kingdom in the world.

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